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Sinner ends 10-time champion Djokovic's unbeaten streak in Australian Open semifinals


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Sensational Sinner! This kid is amazing. His returns to break Djokevic were outstanding.

Hopefully Sinner lifts the trophy on Sunday to usher in a brand new era!

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I've never seen Djoko in such poor form, not at a slam. And Sinner played brilliantly, as he does recently. With only 1 set dropped the entire AO, he has a great chance in the final.

Looking forward to a great battle next, Medvedev-Zverev

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Well done Sinner but indeed Djoker got out of the gates slow. Probably the day session didn't help him read the tough Sinner serve and amazing 1st serve %.

Give Zverev the slight edge but Medvedev in form. Sinner will be the favorite Sunday regardless.

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Congrats to Sinner! Djoko is not as good when having to play day matches and he didn't play well here, which reminded me of his day semi-final against Nishikori at the US open many years ago.


"gotten the vaccine"

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Screw, Yank. I'll speak how I wish, thanks.

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Congratulations to Sinner. And congratulations to Novak Goatovic for staying number one player in the world at 36 years of age! Amazing!

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Djokovic should now be looking at a future behind the mic, his glory days are behind now, as the next generation jostle for position at the top.

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Djokovic should now be looking at a future behind the mic, 

Not sure all ex-players should be "behind the mic". Jim Courier is outstanding, as is the "Superbrat" McEnroe. Kyrgios not so great. I guess Novak could be decent on Serbian TV, however.

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Peter, you are talking about the No. 1 player in the world, who had a bad day and lost a semifinal at a grand slam. If that's a reason for retiring, then there would be no players left on the pro circuit.

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Awesome job Sinner, I think he has only lost one set this whole tournament. Medvedev vs Sinner is going to be a great Final. The cherry on top is no Joker, absolutely can't stand that guy, fantastic player but apart from that can't stand him. I miss Federer.

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Well played Jannik Sinner.

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