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'Monster' Inoue to face Nery for super-bantamweight world titles


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Would like to see this. I suggest they both quit while they are ahead with good looks and no brain damage.

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He was subsequently banned from fighting in Japan, but the country's boxing commission last week gave him the green light to compete.

Very convenient. Absolutely no corruption or underworld connections in Japanese boxing.

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Nery is a very skilled boxer and has a chance to defeat Inoue. It's not going to be easy for Inoue. However, I still believe Inoue will win, primarily because of his superior speed.

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How to get tickets?!!!

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Unlike the vast majority of over hyped Japanese fighters, Inoue is the real deal and deserves all the hype. Nery's got nary a chance. KO coming by the 6th round.

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Nery's going to win, plain and simple.

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Nery's going to win, plain and simple.

State objective reasons and supply facts for your assumption, which is supposed to be "plain and simple".

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Nery's going to win, plain and simple.

It will have to be by knockout in Japan. Not going to get a decision...

But not going to happen, Inoue will win by KO.

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