Japan's pro baseball to test all players for coronavirus every month during season


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So blanket tests of all players and staff, every month. Nice for them.

From a different article on here today:

"Japan will stop short of offering blanket coronavirus tests, and instead target the vulnerable and those most at risk in seeking to prevent a second wave of infections, the minister in charge of policies to combat the health crisis said Monday."

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Once a month does not sound like it would be often enough.

Still haven't been able to get tested over here in the states.

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1glenn, for the regular folks over here in Japan cannot tested unless they have a fever for 4 days and even than one has to hold their breath even than.

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Shame they don't test everyone else like this

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Oldman, it will never happen the government here is like a bunch of ostriches with their heads in the sand they hide there hoping it will all go away. In my view, they are no better than Trump and their acts and or lack of is very criminal to all those who pay their monthly income. Look at all the other Asian countries especially S. Korea and Taiwan making testing available to everyone.

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