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Japan's Top League rugby on hold over coronavirus outbreak

By Behrouz MEHRI

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67 players and staff infected with an unknown number of people they may have been in contact with. I am guessing the "top league" has failed to establish a bubble for the players and this is the result.

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Predictable. Japan's half-hearted efforts are no match for the virus. The usual last-minute cancelations and apologies will set the model for the Olympics. Would be interested to know their testing rate.

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Inept management across the board. Almost every other country with professional sports has established bubbles and PLAYED matches. In tre Japanese lets suck wind through our teeth and wait fashion Osamu Ota and company have knocked this ball on again.

Amy potential momentum left from RWC2019 has well and truly been kicked out on the full and the ball has been lost in a sea of leaderless blazer wearers.

How will Kieran Read clash with Beaden Barrett? They play different roles and it's extremely unlikely that they will even get near each other. Sometimes the hype merchants need to chill out.

Bugger I was hoping for some local rugby.

Super Rugby Australia please don't screw it up. If Covid breaks out again go into bubbles and stay there.

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and the Olymprics is full steam ahead ...............................................laughable if not so real.

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Only because sportspeople are tested regularly. Sumo also loads of positives, and talentos -- all can get tested easily. For the rest of us, forgedaboudit.

One thing this does show you though: the virus is rife here now.

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