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Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida


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Kishidas on a roll! Big week.

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There is no question that Japan is changing the way baseball is played.

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I'm really happy for Japan. It is something to be proud about. However, I really do hope that the media doesn't just keep bombarding us with more news about the winning team and who they are visiting every day and what they are up to.

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Congratulations, good to see everyone without a Mask.

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Players wore suits — not baseball uniforms — and posed for photos, including one imitating Lars Nootbaar's pepper-grinder gesture

Geez, where is the umpire chastising them for the gesture and not just being happy for the "game"?

But I guess, now that Kishida did it, high schoolers can too!

-4 ( +7 / -11 )

Well done Japan.

Time to move on.

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Congratulations to Japan! They worked very hard, as so did the other teams. Yes, Japan does baseball a little different from others, and that's a very good thing. On my commute to work, I see middle schoolers and high schoolers practicing all year round. I love baseball!

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Japan manager Hideki Kuriyama said he'd “hardly seen such an excellent team” and encouraged the prime minister to praise them — which he did.

“I told my players that history is the history of winners," Kuriyama said. "There are things that cannot be communicated unless we win. I’m really happy that the players really worked hard and won.”



Prime Minister Fumio Kishida might have had his most enjoyable day in office on Thursday when Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team paid a visit.

Kishida was beaming when a gold medal from the winning team was placed around his neck, and he also received a large card in a frame containing each player's signature.

He’s the PM, I know, but geez…; consider yourself lucky, Fumio…

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They showed us "We can do." "Japan will be strong again."

-4 ( +4 / -8 )

I am really looking forward to watching Japan in the Basketball and Rugby world cups this year. They are a strong chance to win them as well with their improvement in these sports since last time.

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Next should be world Soccer champions!

why Kishida after a long flight? He didn’t even watch it, he was busy giving away our tax money to foreigners with no connection to japan.

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Japan is superb at baseball. I sometimes wonder whether they would be good at cricket too. If there was the interest and desire (and cricket grounds), I think Japan could be one of the world's best at cricket.

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I watched every game on TV. Most memorable moment is semi-final game between team Japan and team Mexico at 9th inning. Big thank you for player of team japan!! I am really proud of you. Congratulations!!

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Kishida wore that medal? Hope he did not bite it :)

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Japan's winning World Baseball Classic team visits Kishida

Why? For what?

Go and visit some school kids instead. They'll appreciate it a lot more.

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Wonderful to see the World Champion Japanese baseballers getting the highest accolades! Fully deserved. Why not also a ticker-tape parade through the streets of Tokyo and Osaka on an open bus?

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I probably watch less than 10 minutes of baseball

-10 ( +1 / -11 )

obladiToday  07:26 am JST

There is no question that Japan is changing the way baseball is played.

Really? How so? How has it changed MLB?

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Nice to see them smiling and without masks on coming out of customs and then with Kishida. The human side of these players is great! I hope more people here start to show their emotions. Good job boys!

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Gangnam style

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