Honda urges Man Utd to sign him in Twitter plea


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Not the most standard way to apply for a job, but I wish him good luck! I think Manchester United need somewhat younger players, though.

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Should come to Brazil. I'd love to see him in my team!

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A very desperate plea from a player well past his sell by date. If he had concentrated on just playing football instead of off the field business this move could have been realistic in 2010. He wasted his peak years in Russia(5 years) and was badly advised by his agent brother.

He could probably still play in the premier league, but the bar needs to be considerably dropped to Crystal Palace or Brighton level.

He’s probably a very rich guy, but he left it very late to show some ambition..

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...said the 33-year-old, one of the highest-profile names in Asian football.

the thing is, even being one of the most famous names in Asian football, he,s still a mediocre player. but by Japanese standards, he,s a superstar. was able to go to Milan because AC Milan (today) is not the AC Milan we used to know. wasted his time in Russia - big big mistake. still wish him the best.

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Maybe Soccer (and other Sports) should, have a new banding, just like they have the Under 17s, how about an over 40's ?

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A very poor man's Nakata.

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