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Japan's World Cup preparations take a hit in loss to Ukraine


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Hallilhodzic must go and he must go now or Japan is going to have a disastrous World Cup in Russia.  I am a sports marketing company owner so I know what I am talking about here.

He was lucky to get the qualification, regardless of the many mistakes he made as a coach, the team pulled him through. Just. 

It was pure madness to go and play these 2 games in Belgium. Unless he thinks the conditions in Belgium mirror those to be expected in Russia I don't see the reason for it. And as a Belgian, I can tell you we are not much like Russia, even though I left Belgium in 1996, I should know.

Playing Mali was also a mistake, they are nothing like Senegal, and finally playing Ukraine was madness, certainly as the 2nd game of the two. 

Nothing to be gained by playing Ukraine at all. They don't come close to Poland's playing style. And now he has a demoralised team which could not beat Mali ( actually Japan got gifted a draw) and was nowhere in the game against Ukraine. Go to play that in empty stadiums in Belgium ? Why ? 

He did not even use many of the Japanese players working in Europe. 

This should have been stopped before it happened but , too late. Now, is the time for JFA to appoint a new coach before the last game against Ghana in Japan, which is a valid game. At home and much closer to Senegals playing style, BUT with Hallilhodzic this will be another loss. The man is no longer what he once was, and I am only speaking professionally here, I don't really know him as a person. But he must go, if Japan is to stand a bit of chance to pass the first round. And now, so the new coach can use these 2 1/2 months at the fullest.

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Meanwhile, Australia made up for the mess against Norway but gaining a respectable draw with Colombia.

Bart is taking us onwards and upwards.

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The Japanese players have to change their thinking and this is a huge task. No one's going to do it in 3 months. I think only Philippe Troussier has tried to do it; everyone else has been clueless. Wenger should be available from May.....

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really, what do you expect from this team? look at their past World Cup results. They say it all. Doesn't matter who the coach is.

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Watched part of this as I was flicking the channels around, and Ukraine looked sparkling, running circles round the fouling Japanese players. Sorry but whatever the reasons Japan was not the team I expected to see. Couldn't watch any more.

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