Japan's Yuki Kawauchi surges to win men's Boston Marathon


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Congratulations Sir. Well Done!!!!

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Kawauchi is the epitome of Japanese ‘ganbaru’, and if I recall correctly he has a day job as a public worker that he is equally diligent at carrying out. Congrats to him!

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Kawauchi is the famous "shimin runner", i.e. a "normal" person with a regular job and not a professional athlete who has what is usually a pretend job at a company who sponsors him/her.

The above means he is outside the system for Japanese athletics and distance running in particular. Distance running for men is all about ekiden, long distance relays. It sucks up all the young talent and destroys them with overtraining, all in the name of "ganbaru". Japanese female marathon runners, who do not have ekiden, are way more successful.

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Gambaro Kawauchi san, great job. I ran track and field way back before the Olympics were created in Greece and nowhere near your class but I share your efforts and perseverance because track and field is a one man/woman, one on one sport.

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Great pic, his face shows absolute determination for a strong finish despite there being nobody behind him.

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2min25seconds faster than the next runner, that is quite a feat! Congratulations.

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