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Japan 2019 left huge legacy, says World Rugby CEO

By Pirate IRWIN

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As a rugby lover and Australian expat living in Japan I thought the RWC was amazing too! I went to 3 games with family and friends and the vibe was brilliant.

everyone in the community really got on board and participation numbers really grew at my kids local rugby club. Also media put in some great work with the tv drama series No Side Game which was very popular and got a lot of people interested in rugby. Also having professional rugby players on tv variety shows post WC helped too.

unfortunately the big downer to post RWC has been the postponement of rugby due to COVID 19, so rugby in Japan couldn’t quite cash in on all the great work that was done in 2019.

Fortunately here in Miyazaki my son is about to play his first game this weekend since the postponement back in Feb/March and I can’t wait to cheer him on!

Bring it on!

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Great legacy ?

46000 jobs created ?

loving rugby is no excuse for ridiculous exaggerations if anything at all this very wishful thinking is rugby’s major problem

Rugby is down in Japan in numbers of teams and player registrations. Of course many kids had a one team try but few stuck with it.

The Sunwolves were kicked out of Superrugby. I think that a mistake but it’s a fact.

growth in Asia ? Where ?

Rugby is globally on the verge of financial collapse and the Ceo would do better to address problems than to spread the usual wishful thinking.

I challenge E&Y to a meeting about the “ facts” in their report.

Rugby is helped by realism and professionals not by dreams and empty claims.

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Nice one Stu! Good luck on Sunday, could be a muddy track....

The Rugby World Cup was the ducks nuts, luckily Kyushu had a fair amount of decent games on show. Fukuoka was buzzing and Oita was awash with Supporters. Miyazaki/ Fukuoka to Oita is a handy distance so I’m sure Mr Ballantyne would have seen the Wallabies as I did the All Blacks, just being at the Big Eye was priceless....

Fast forward 6months and it’s all gone south, gotta feel for the Sunwolves even though that decision to drop them was an age ago, fans were attending their last season en masse, also the ARFU In dire straights, USA rugby filed for bankruptcy...hope it works out for these Organizations..But, a lot of codes are hurting not just Rugby

At least for rugby fans Super Rugby Aoteraroa is up and running. It may not be your teams but at least it’s something to crack a brew over on Saturday/ Sunday Arvo and get your footy fix...

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Legacy of cancelled matches where teams were deprived of a chance to play for survival to the next stage! It was a poor rugby World Cup!

Someone above mentioned the vibe was amazing... pardon me but the vibe is always amazing at Rugby World cups! The only thing amazing was the Japanese national team who did very well but come to think of it there is always a dark stallion at all World Cups who steal the show!

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It will always be NZ, England, France, South Africa and one other nation, sometimes Wales, Ireland or even the Aussies. The rest are there purely to make up the numbers. The Sun Wolves gave Japan the huge advantage of training together for a whole year before the World Cup. They will not repeat their performance next time.

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If they want rugby WC to be exciting with the powerhouses challenged by the smaller nations something must be done to prevent countries like fiji, Samoa where rugby is popular from losing players to the richer nations due a nationality eligibility law that reduces them to nothing but feeder nation for the rich. It is not doing rugby any good that rugby crazy countries like Fiji and Samoa have become very uncompetitive and can't mount any resistance to the powerhouses.

Well these days all that matter is money.

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