Japanese athletes give Tokyo Olympic stadium a test run

By Philip FONG

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I hope they get cancelled.

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There won’t be an Olympics in Japan

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It is quietly likely that the Tokyo Olympics will not be held next year unless an affordable vaccine appears. Even if it became feasible, athletes would struggle to find facilities to practice at, and if there wouldn't be any audience, they would undergo a tough time of not being able to boost thei motivation by the cheers. There will be other issues too, like athletes from certain parts of the world where there were city lockdowns will have disadvantages because of the lack of practices.

I hope the athletes won't lose faith and continue to sustain their motivation.

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Keep the DRAM alive, until we have a Vaccine there will be NO Olympics.

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Japan's corporations are cancelling and withdrawing money assisting the games. When people and businesses are struggling to survive, the Olympics is a joke.

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The event was held as Japan takes cautious steps to reopen its economy

Yeah, the Go-To-Travel was or is a cautious move. Some articles here like this one seem to be targeted at those abroad.

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Dreeeeeeeeam, dream dream dreeeam. Dreeeeeeeeeam, dream dream dream.

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All these news about the Olympics gives me more a feeling of anxiety and insecurity than of expectation and joy.

How irresponsible to postpone it for just 12 months without a single clue in hands on how the things will be next year.

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Japanese athletes give Tokyo Olympic stadium a test run

I hope they get cancelled.

Me too

There won’t be an Olympics in Japan

I hope you're right

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Personally I was hoping the world would have been in a much better place by late summer, but sadly the virus continues on & on, the world for the most part is only making rather minor gains so far so I think the economy is going to continue to be hard on us all.

And yeah news about the Olympics does NOT bring me any joy, it only highlights that it likely wont happen & ditto for Winter Games in China(not just because of the virus!!!), I think news about the games likely makes people feel worse rather than better about our current state round the world, Olympics sadly arent helping anything right now!

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I guess they are preparing for the Japan-only Olympics next year.

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For real, the number of COVID cases are rising daily and they are still focused on these Olympics. A restaurant downstairs from my home is closed for 2 weeks due to the COVID and gosh I hope I am wrong but there is a huge official notice on the front of the door stating 2 staff got the COVID. You know what this probably means their business is most likely sunk especially in my area where everyone knows each other.

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Mainly for the sake of the athletes and also to make use of all the new infrastructure, I hope the Olympics will occur in some form next summer with or without spectators.

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Olympic or not, everything is gingerly and slowly opening up. I was happy to see Nozomi Tanaka, a 20 years old rising star, had a good Women's 1500m race.

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