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Japan athletics execs slam 2020 Olympic marathon move


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"It's like the athletes who had been training for many years to climb Everest were told just nine months before they would go to a different mountain," he said.

So Tokyo is the equivalent of the tallest mountain on earth; the one every mountain climber dreams of summiting; the one no one could get to the top of until the 20th century?

What colossal arrogance. The athletes want to put in the best performance they can. It's the Olympic rings that they're aiming for, not the specific city of Tokyo.

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Japanese athletics officials should 'slam' Tokyo 2020 organizers for their incompetent handling of the whole situation. They dithered from one sticking plaster solution to the next without ever making decisive decisions. Mist machines, road surface coverings, requesting ground floor business leave open doors so air con can flow out into the street, changing the start time 1 hour earlier...no, 2 hours earlier...no, midnight...no, 6AM...

My reading of the situation is simply the IOC ran out of patience with them and decided to make a clear and decisive final decision. The safety of the athletes is paramount, and a controversial decision is worth that in the grand scheme of things.

Now everyone knows what is happening, and Sapporo can get on with organizing everything.

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Part of JAAF's calculations has always been that Japanese athletes would have an advantage in the Tokyo heat, leading hopefully to more home golds; I have read grumblings among them on the web that this advantage has now been suddenly and unfairly (i.e. no consultation) taken away.

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saying the move did not put competitor interests first.

They mean...THEIR interests first!  Greed at its best. It's more like - words were spoken, hands were shook and now they're unable to deliver on their deals.

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A poor decision of inconvenience at the last moment shows disrespect to all, and they do it because they can, despite not making the right decision earlier when they could - knowing that holding the Olympics in Japan in summer would be problematic. Incompetent fools!

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What a mess... It proved one more time that the present Olympics are long overdue their usefulness.

Didn't the IOC, when granted this overbloated show to Tokyo, know that summer here is really hot?

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Didn't the IOC, when granted this overbloated show to Tokyo, know that summer here is really hot?

And humid, yes, but the fools did it anyway without pushing back the start date to October.

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Pride goeth before the fall.

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