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Japan baseball, softball officials disappointed over 2016 Games vote


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“By sending our top players we were able to show what an exciting sport baseball is and it’s important for the sport to be an Olympic event.”

We know what Baseball is about already. The guy seems to think that it is a Japanese invention...

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The guy seems to think that it is a Japanese invention...

As Japanese as tofu, soya sauce and chopsticks. (Oh, and food carving).

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"At the Beijing Olympics, Japan was able to show the world how much the sport has developed,” said Japan softball federation chairman Taku Yamasaki. “This result is very disappointing.”

Not really; more like in Beijing they were able to show how much THEY developed in the sport, not how much the sport itself developed. Unless of course Yamasaki means that it's only developed when Japan wins, in which case men's baseball has really fallen (in losing to both South Korea and the US to finish fourth) and deserved to be eliminated).

Anyway, I really have no sympathy for this whining. The bottom line is baseball is not really a world sport, and it already has the WBC. What's more I don't think Japan's whining here has anything to do with their general regret that the sport is not included so much as it's one less shot at a medal (or various medals, if you include softball and what have you) and with it eliminated it's also a blow to the Tokyo 2016 Olympic bid.

Keep the WBC and move on. While we're at it a number of other team sports ought to be removed from the Olympics if they are not played all over the world -- and even then if they have other major world tournaments. Anyway, bye-bye baseball.

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Very good decision by IOC.

Baseball is not a global sport but just a national pass-time in a few countries.

Goodbye baseball, you will not be missed.

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Rugby, I can definitely go for in the Olympics, but golf? Why? So boring! It's bad enought that they allowed curling in the Winter Olympics; a nerd sport. I just don't get it! Baseball is great! A real sport! I definitely would object to allow professionals though. I big disadvantage for many countries.

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Why not cricket? It's more international than baseball and nearly as exciting.

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I definitely don't agree with golf being added (didn't notice it was until after my original post on this thread), particularly in light of all the major championships it has.

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um, BobbieWickham, sorry but did you say cricket is nearly exciting as baseball? um, where? and to whom?

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I think cricket is much better than baseball! Way more refined a game (I may have a national bias though, if I am honest)

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golf in the olympics?


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baseball and softball brought yawn-a-thon, empty stadiums and massive indifference from a world which is not interested in these sports outside of park Sunday hit-about.

Rugby will bring an enourmous int'l following (mostly cashed-up) and an un rivalled party atmosphere to the games programme. It is a welcome and highly surprising good decision from the IOC.

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Although I like baseball, I never thought it should have been in the olympics in the first place. Having golf a sn olympic sport is assinine, there are 4 majors a year in that sport and 2 of them are opens, which means anyone with a 2 handicap or under can qualify and amatuers are welcomed too. Rugby will be exciting. I think the IOC should start eliminating some of the really archaic events like the equestrian stuff (rich kids hobby) and fencing (who fights with car antennas any more?). If you gotta have horses, let's see rodeo.

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Um muniqui19 What I was trying to say was that if I had a choice between going to a cricket match or watching a baseball game or watching paint dry I'd choose the latter. Just a personal preference.

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5 day cricket in the Olympics...maybe not but 20/20 cricket takes only slightly longer than a game of baseball but with a lot more action and variety. It's more international too.

Rugby will be a success but golf...it will be like tennis, none of the top players really bother trying and without the atmosphere of a Grand Slam.

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