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Japan beats Australia 2-1 in Osaka


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Australia continues to give opportunities to youngsters - which is what what missing under Verbeek and Holger Osciek, so the team is developing in that transition phase right now. Full credit to Ange Postecogleu for that. Kruse trying to get back from injury, Francic the same, so definitely not full strength last night, but Japan much more clinical when it mattered and they look confident as well. Gotta be favourites for the Asian Cup.

They just have to try and stop Timmy scoring in front of his home crowd. Good luck with that.

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Quite an exciting friendly, but it really did look like the 52nd world-ranked team versus the 92nd - lots of sloppy mistakes. As Tamarama notes, our only option is to give the youngsters a chance with the Asian Cup coming up in 6 weeks. Good to see the legendary Timmy score as usual against the Samurai - the bloke is ageless!

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Pick the best team. Not just players who need experience, as there are no guarantees that experience makes you a better player next time.

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Congrats to Japan. Doesn't sound like it was much of a nail-biter, but hopefully it's added to Japan getting what it needs to maintain their title. As for the Aussies... tsk tsk. Good on the coach for giving newbs a chance, but that's not going to fly if you don't win some soon.

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Poor display of soccer by both sides. I guess at least the Aussies play up to the level of their nickname, the "Socceroos." (Think of that for a moment. Grown men are willingly called by their fans and themselves too, I suppose, "Socceroos." How cute. I can hear the daughters calling out, "Weeeeeee the socceroos, daddy!" Although at least they don't do some choreographed little dance on the pitch before the game like a bunch of cheerleaders like Kiwis do. Manly.)

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Well done Japan for holding it together. Nail-biting at the end as it looked like the Aussies were on the rebound.

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