Japan beats Jamaica 1-0 in friendly


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That has to have been the worst game of football I've seen for a very long time; Jamaica (apart from the goalie) were predictably awful and Japan's performance was shameful. So many missed shots and Japan's usual dreadful finishing. Too many set pieces in Japan's game, they get a good run going towards goal, something goes slightly wrong and they then boot the ball back down the park towards their own goal, kick the ball about for a while until everyone is back in position as rehearsed and then do the same set piece over again. Then, when in a position to score, they get it wrong again. Boring football, I won't bother to watch them again.

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I see Honda was in fine form, kicking the ball to fans as usual.

And the score was only 1-0 against JAMAICA?? (and thanks to an own-goal at that!) Looks like the Samurai Blue are getting worse and worse. Can they blame it on the coach again? Anyway, I'm with Harry on this one. Even though I didn't watch this one I won't bother to watch the next.

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Keisuke Honda came close to making it 2-0 with a shot off the crossbar in the 33rd.

Reading comprehension, smith. It hit the crossbar. He didn't "kick the ball to the fans." You're right about Honda being in fine form this season :

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Can't critisise too much. Australia could only manage a 0-0 draw with the UAE. Very embarrassing indeed. As for the Japan game it is the same old problems for Japan, they have no cutting edge. They may need to play Honda as a striker. I said it should have been done during the WC. They have ten or more world class midfielders but no strikers.Those that have been tried there are makeshift strikers. You may as well give their best player a go there. It wouldn't hurt to try.

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