Japan beats Netherlands 10-6 at WBC


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Congrats Japan, at 8-6 I was hoping for a little chance but forget it, we Dutchies can't beat you. :P

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This team could be many MLB clubs.

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It was a great game.

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This team could be many MLB clubs

Highly doubtful, at best the current Japanese team might be on par with an American MLB AAA team or maybe AAA plus @ meaning that they aren't "that" good.

THey have had home field advantage which is MAJOR for a tourney like this. Let's see what happens when they get to play as visitors.

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San renpa wo mezashite, Ganbarre Nippon !

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Japanese players start winter training very early. It's not surprising that they can perform well in a March tournament. Player fitness is good so defence is solid and they have a very good 'small ball' game. It wouldn't surprise me if they three-peat.

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Yubaru, Japan just beat the defending World Series champs, the Giants. The lineup included players who were playing in the wbc, such as Sandoval and Scutaro. Triple A? I think not.

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