Japan beats Netherlands 16-4 to advance at WBC


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I never watch baseball - hate it - but watched this last night, what a great game!!! Samurai were on fire! Well done, hat-trick on the way!

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Haha ouch! As a Dutchie I have to say, even though I expected Holland to lose, I didn't expect them to play soooo bad. Good win Japan, very well deserved.

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Damn Holland lost, but wait, Holland is a soccer country, So i think our baseball culture is not as huge as in Japan (or USA)

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To use a phrase when I was I kid, "they wuz sloddered!"

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Not too bad considering Holland has nothing to do with baseball!! And here in Japan baseball is almost a national religion!

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but watched this last night, what a great game!!!

It was a game yes, great no not really as baseball games go. Holland's play was pretty sloppy and while Japan beath them badly that doesnt make it a great game in my opinion.

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papigiulio: I felt the same thing when Canada got trounced by Italy last week, but then Canada has gone on to trounce Mexico, who beat the US. It seems to be anyone's game, especially with the off-the-wall elimination rules. Now Cuba and Holland have to play for the advancement, despite Cuba winning twice (or is it three times?), and teams like South Korea and Venezuela (favoured in that group) are out.

Anyway, good on Japan for guaranteeing they made it to the next round. You certainly can't say the team eked their way through this one, and I certainly didn't expect Holland to get trounced so badly -- especially with all the talk of how great their imported pitchers were (and yet, six home runs off them!!).

tokyo-star: "I never watch baseball - hate it - but watched this last night, what a great game!!!"

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, of course, but personally I would never consider a slaughter like this a 'good game'. The game against Taiwan the other day is an example of a 'good game' in my books -- well, the end, anyway. A game is 'good' because it is close, tense, and the play is exciting. This game sounds like it was about as exciting as watching Brazil play Saudi Arabia in soccer.

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I have to agree with Smithinjapan. The Taiwan game was great. This one was boring: when Japan led 10-0, all ten runs had scored on home runs, meaning that not once did we even get to see someone run to home plate at full speed! I was rooting for the underdog Dutchmen -- particularly for their pitcher Cordemans, who is "genuinely" Dutch and who plays in Holland full-time -- but would have still enjoyed it if Japan had won in a close game with lots of tension. Unfortunately this game was over by the second inning and had not a single moment of excitement.

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6 HRS, Phew ! Ganbarre Nippon ! Can anybody say "THREEPEAT" ?

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