Japan beats S Korea to win Asian Under-23 soccer title


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Good match.

Korea went 2 nil up but one could sense Japain would turn it around any minute, as Japain is the better team.

Btw I saw the whole match!

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Congrats, Japan !

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Even though the game wasn't the main purpose of this tournament (qualification for Olympic Games in Rio) it turned out to be a great, dramatic and entertaining show! I thought they were dead after Koreans scored the second goal just after the second half started. They could easily make it 3:0 but then Asano came on the pitch and turned the game over. When he sent the ball past Korean keeper for 3:2 my heart was beating really fast! Thanks for all the emotions (bad and good ones) that I felt watching you over the entire tournament!

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Korea u23 played the first half of their lives and forgot that there was a second half and played right into japan's tactic of defense focused play as they ran oit of gas. Total lack of management experience as well as player experience for Korea but then that's why these tourneys are valuable. Motm japanese coach.

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JPN!!! Congrats! Such a sweet win.

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Yeah that was quite the comeback, nicely done, good character builder!

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Most people would have thought Japan will not win after Korea got two goals ahead. Its final result was very ironic. Come-from-behind victory seems almost miracle.

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Great comeback by Japan! I thought Korea would score another one at some point given how well they did in the first half, but they didn't pose much of a threat in the second after their 2 minute goal. These two will continue to be fun rivals in this group.

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Japain would turn it around any minute, as Japain is the better team.

Please, Peeping Tom, for the love of God, start using a correct name for this nation - call it Japan, Nihon, or Nippon. Constantly calling her "Japain" sounds like something a 13-year-old would do, surely your own in-joke has worn off by now?

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The Korean team lost because they were arrogant. Once they were up 2 goals, they got lazy and decided to stall the rest of the match. They already qualified for the Olympics and were up 2 points, whats the point of going all out?

Big mistake.

When Japan eventually recovered, it was too late for the Korean team to make a comeback.

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