Japan beats Saudi Arabia 2-1 in World Cup qualifier


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Japan had 3 times more shots on goal, something like 16-5. One thing Japan can't do is produce strikers. The over emphasis on team play at lower levels isn't good for fostering the killer selfish confident attitude that top strikers all have. Great midfield play but they really need 9s and 10s with some lead in their pencils.

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Very likely one of these teams will face Argentina for the 5th spot, can you imagine that?

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A great night for Japan i would say! 3Pts against group leaders while the other favs (oz) drew away vs Thailand! Doesn't get any better than that.

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AFC is playing off against CONCACAF, not CONMEBOL, for this WC. The daunting task of playing the 5th placed South American team will fall to the OFC winner - almost certainly New Zealand. Good luck to them, they'll need it! The 5th placed Asian team will play the 4th placed North American team - likely Panama or Honduras.

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The penalty against SA was harsh. Wonder why, nobody, is talking about it. Is it because it was in favor of the home team.

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Yeah Japan caught a real break on that PK call, thems the breaks though!

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They could have one easily if they weren't so busy giving balls to fans behind the net. They don't deserve to go through, and they still may not.

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No idea why i got downvoted! 3 teams a, b and c fight for 2 spots. A beats b while c draws at the group's minnows. Pretty good night for A i reckon!? Boooohh!

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I turned on the Tv late last night and was under the impression japan had just won the world cup

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They don't deserve to go through, and they still may not

If they finish in the top 2 they deserve to go through. If they don't, they don't.

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The Japanese team proved better at pretending to fall down. Their twelfth player, in the 'referee' position, was valuable too.

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