Japan beats Spain 3-1 to win Women's Under-20 World Cup


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Good job!

Too bad media here didn't give more coverage of this tourney!!!

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Wow. Thats pretty awesome and no easy task.

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3:1 but could have been many more; Ueki and Miyazawa, what a duo!!!

Ueki has the potential to be one of the greatest women footie players of all times.

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Congrats to Young Nadeshko.

This is really a good team. Plays by Fuka Nagano, Riko Ueki, Hinata Miyazawa, Saori Takarada and others are pleasant to watch ever since U17 championship. They will form a core of National Team in a few years.

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Japan upset Spain 3-1 in the final to win the Women's Under-20 World Cup for the first time on Friday.

The way the match went it doesn't sound like an upset. In fact, in a final usually both teams are good enough that it wouldn't be called an upset if either won. Maybe Greece winning the Euros is an exception.

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Congratulation !

It was a very logical win. Japan women played the most beautiful game since quarter final. I was sure they would win. I was very impressed by the energy, technics and team spirit of these young ladies.

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It would be an upset if Japan's men's team beat the Spanish men, but the women's playing field is far more equal. Today's champions are tomorrow's 10th to last year's 5th, etc. There is no time and again front-runner, and that makes certain elements more exciting than the men's where by the final eight it's pretty much always all Europe and South America, if not just one of the two groups.

Ganbare Japan: "Japan soccer is the rising force in the world, with these world champion girls and amazing performance of Samurai Blue in men's world cup in Russia."

Don't compare the women's victory to the men's luck in getting where they got.

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"Japan upset Spain"

There was no upset, just the confirmation of Japan's clear superiority.

This same team won WC U-16, and came second to NK in U-17 last edition. Nadeshiko destroyed Spain in both editions!

These are the stars of the future already here, especially that Ueki Riko. She also finished off England in 3 Football WC's already.

Upset was Spain winning during the group stage!

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Unbelievable! I was very emotional to see this. Omedettoh girls! Most of this team will play in Olympics in Tokyo, so now must be favorite for gold medal. Japan soccer is the rising force in the world, with these world champion girls and amazing performance of Samurai Blue in men's world cup in Russia.

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Furthermore, Nadeshiko girls got the title off North Korea who were 2016 world champion.

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