Japan beats Taiwan 4-3 at World Baseball Classic


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Another gutsy,back from the grave win..this team just won't lay down !Congratulations,great game !

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The Japan team could beat many Major League clubs in US.

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Ganbarre Nippon !

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One word in describing yesterday's game "Tenacity". The Samurais just did not give up no matter how many time Taiwan gain the winning point. Great game ! !

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"without its top players from Major League Baseball." The Americans have never fielded a team in the World Baseball Classic or the Olympics with its top MLB players, so Japan shouldn't be making such an excuse. To the Yanks it's not a championship, just a distraction from spring training. It was a good show for Japan last night, impressive tenacity. but it may not be easy from here on as Cuba beat Japan 6-3 and then lost to Holland 6-2.

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Every team is tough here and you never know who'll stand last. I hope Taiwan hang on and go! go! go!

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Congrats Japan, good to hear.

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America's WBC team is all Major League caliber, with many top players. The ace of the pitching staff, R.A. Dickey, may be a 37 year old veteran, but he is coming off a Cy Young award winning season with a record of 20-6. There are also recent MVPs such as Ryan Braun (league leader in a variety of offensive categories during a non-MVP season in 2012).

The USA is not going to put together a dream team that everyone can agree on because that is subjective to the fans of the various teams. A team I like, the Milwaukee Brewers, has the most players of any team in the WBC. So those fans may follow the results more closely than a team with hardly any players on America's WBC team.

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If you go through the Samurai Japan's roster you'll not find a single MLB player this year. They could have called for Darvish, Kuroda, Iwakuma,etc.

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Ichiro did his thing.. Samurai... great victory.. you can not top what he did.. historic.. Japan wins first two.. that is all that matters.. let the other players become stars.. at $30 million a year.. japanese stars of MLB need to get ready for regular season.. Matsui should have come home to Japan last year to play for his home team.. but I think that once Japanese players live in America.. they are not going to come back to Japan.. no way bruddah.. America is way too cool..

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The loss with Cuba paid off because Cuba did not win with the Netherlands. Had Japan won with Cuba, there is a chance it would have lost with the Netherlands.

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and japan barely won, taiwan was annihilated by cuba 14-0

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Not too sure what Samurai Japan can do, but MEXICO beat the USA!!!!!!!!!

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"Tanaka Sho"...who he?

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This WBC is getting interesting! Japan losing to Holland?? That is very strange, but somebody pointed out that most of those "Dutch" players are really from Curacao, near CUBA! And ITALY beating Canada?? Wow! MEXICO beating team USA?? VIVA MEXICO!!!!

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Japan needs to beat Holland to advance, if they lose to Holland, they need to face Cuba again for elimination round

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Seen some highlights, and that Holland team looks very impressive.

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Seen some highlights, and that Holland team looks very impressive.

Japan beat the Netherlands on Sunday night. The final score was Japan 16 - Netherlands 4. Japan will now advance to the semifinals.

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@kimo, what about Sasaki and Jojima? Didn't they both come back to play in Japan after leaving the Mariners?

This series for Americans is the best players that have nothing better to do. Pujols wanted to play in the last WBC, but nobody would insure his contract.

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