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Japan beats U.S. 37-29 in Pacific Nations rugby clash


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Nice well done Japan, keep Building and keep the momentum going.

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Japan is making a serious name for itself in rugby. Keep it up!

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Not that serious yet.

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Well done Japan. However , I can't wait till the day there is a war between league and union and league triumphs. I would love to see the JRL - Japan Rugby League

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Brave Blossoms?

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Go, you good thing! Go!

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roosterman77 that is never going to happen, there is really only three countries who play league eng aus nz, france have a team, and papua new guinea play, but the last two are no where in the scheme of things, its a minor sport even in the places it is played by the top teams.

League is a game for the lower class, beer drinking swearing, fighting factory workers, japan is a little more culturally advanced and struggles to get rugby going let alone league, no way will your idea gain any traction.

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StormR Just curious but you are being serious, aren't you....?

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japan is a little more culturally advanced and struggles to get rugby going

There are more rugby clubs in Japan than any other nation on Earth. Fact.

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Yes lacabrasi, thanks for adding to my point, even wiht all those clubs the sport still struggles here, how does roosterman77 think league will will get a foot hold? League is a joke as far as international sports go seriously.

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StormR It's all tongue in cheek. I'm embarrassed I have to spell it out. We all know union is the game toffs play in heaven.

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I'm with you 100 percent Roosterman, I could see you were having a laugh. Just a shame another poster seems to lack a sense of humour. I guess when one is from a minor country , often a siege-mentality/chip on shoulder is prevalent...

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Yes, Roosterman, I'm sure all those Welsh coal miners who play are absolutely loaded ;)

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