Ohtani is MLB's biggest earner this year with record $65 mil: Forbes


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The man. The myth. The legend.

It'll be interesting to see how far Ohtani can go. It's too bad he didn't go to the U.S. majors sooner. It would have been better for his pitching arm had he left Japan sooner.

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As my father used to say, "whether you're rich or poor, it's good to have money".

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With a 2.33 ERA, he should be better than a 15-9. His talent is somewhat wasted with a team like the Angels.

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Earned every dollar and more.

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What an incomparable talent Ohtani is!

If he plays another 10 years - absolutely possible - Ohtani may well be baseballs GOAT - and a US Billionaire!

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Verlander and teammate Max Scherzer have the top on-field contract totals for 2023 at $43.3 million.

S'why both Cy Young and World Series winners didn't want to pitch at the WBC

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This is most excellent news. Ohtani is singlehandedly showing the NPB how they should sturcture their league --- which is primarily a farm league for pitchers to defect to MLB. Ohtani got big with strength training in the USA, and led Japan to victory in the MLB money grab that is the WBC. Despite suffering from black nails, he was able to throw the baseball well enough to strike out ring rusty teammate Mike Trout and make him look like a gefilte fish out of troubled waters. His ability to secure endorsements is awesome. Shohei is a legend and has shown the world that it's OK to swing both ways.

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