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Japan coasts to 5-0 win over Togo


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japan need to get serious by playing strong and better teams. Playing teams with B & C teams will expose them at the world cup. Anyway, what channel is showing ghana-brazil u-20 world cup?

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roomtemperature lets see how they go against class opposition hey. I wish they would get out of the fake make believe thinking that they are world beaters when they defeat teams that would struggle to beat a high school side and start trying to beat the worlds best.

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"Togo ranked 71 in the world. Hong Kong ranked 128 in the world. Wow!!!! Impressive win boys!!!!!"

This week Greece (ranked 12) booked a narrow win over Luxembourg (ranked 116). Russia (ranked 6) drew with Azerbaijan (ranked 139). Still some here wine over the fact that Japan didn't beat Togo with double digits!! Funny.....

8 players of Togo refused to play at the very last moment because of a financial dispute with the Togolese football association.

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What a great win for Japan. They have handed out 2 big thrashings in the last week. They are really getting ready to peak at the right time. You can see how well they are playing now. They have some big stars who play in Europe now, so they will do very well next year in South Africa.

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Japan is aiming for the last four of the World Cup. This is a joke, right?

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Togo ranked 71 in the world. Hong Kong ranked 128 in the world. Wow!!!! Impressive win boys!!!!! Gonna do real good when you face the big guns if you can't win by at least double digits against these sides!!!! Japan should create their own 5 team championships against Aruba, Tahiti, Macau and Afghanistan. That way when they win the trophy they can further believe they are better than they aren't.

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I thought the Hong Kong game was a mis-match, but this game went to new heights of disparity.

The Togo A team after losing most of its players, sends a team that many amateur teams here would have dismissed. I've never seen a weaker international game.

But still the media crow. Why?

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Next up for Japan - Fiji, Swaziland and Greenland.

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I'm sure coach Okada would dearly love to play a team with some ability..

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