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Japan dreams of beating All Blacks


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That's rubbish. No Japanese fan thinks that Japan has a chance of beating the All Blacks. Japanese rugby fans love the ABs like basketball fans love MJ. The game sold out is because people want to see the All Blacks play live. Come Saturday week and 70% of the Japanese rugby fans will be wearing all blacks shirts. Should be a good spectacle, Japan won't get within 50 points of the All Blacks given the current form of the two teams.

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Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, Or what's a heaven for? - R. Browning

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Quite a dream. Though, never say never!

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Dream on!

Just like those idiots who say that Japan has a chance of winning the soccer World Cup at the start of every tournament.

Anyway, I hope the All Blacks destroy them, and I'm sure they will.

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They are actually dreaming, the reality will be far different, it will become a nightmare for them and halloween will seem like Disney land. Japan will most definitely be able to measure their progress alright, they will find that they are still a million miles away. Beating Wales and Beating the mighty ABS are very too different tasks, Wales is 99% of the time thrashed by the Black Machine.

Wake up Japan.


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Japan will pick a full strength side and the All Blacks will pick their 2nd or 3rd strength side. The All Blacks will still win in a canter though it won't be the cricket line score people are expecting. The best that the Japanese can do is work on other aspects of their game instead of fully expecting to beat the All Blacks in the final scoreline. Aiming to hold the All Blacks tryless for the first 15-20 minutes would be a great start as would aiming to score 1 try for every 2-3 that the All Blacks score would be another as too would trying to hold their attack in various quarters of the field without them breaking through with missed tackles. Other than is nice to dream.......walt disney did and look what he did.

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Yeah...keep dreaming!

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Why only 27,000 fans when they want to promote the game. Mpri's JRFU is seriously backward. The dinosaur is still thinking of amateur days and is running it in similar fashion. Move out of the way Mr Mori you're a brake!

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Should we be a good match anyway, need tickets!

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They'd have no chance against the Walkabies. Good luck for them they're only playing the All Blacks, eh...

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Rugby finally nudges its way onto mainstream TV..if only for one game, still good news. I'm just not sure why Japan would want everybody to be able to watch their team get completely creamed. I hope Newzealand gives them no quarter.

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Stuarto obviously you have no clue about rugby, I think this year the wannabies have only won against argentina, they were pummelled by the Big Black Machine 3 times this year as well as twice by South Africa.

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How about Mori San saying "Well give you a certain amount of moolah if you don't win by too much to keep the public interested for 2019"...

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Rugby finally nudges its way onto mainstream TV.

is it on NHK? Can'T find the listings

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Nah the game isn't being televised on NHK, only paying subscribers can see it, same as usual. What a waste of time the JRFU is, couldn't publicize a rugby game even if they were playing the world champs.

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I doubt that the ABs will get over 100-points this time. Despite McGod and Carter playing, (due to both being out injured for a while and needing game time) The Top 10 players have already been sent on to France to rest and train. Saturday's team will be a 'scratch' team of young guys and first timers with maybe 3 or 4 first-team guys playing. We've seen it before where this can unsettle the AB's rhythm and it can be 3/4s of the game before they 'click' together.

Obviously a huge AB's fan - but I hope the Japanese use their speed and run everything at the ABs, smash into the rucks like madmen and generally give them no respect. Most importantly, I hope Carter and McGod escape unscathed.

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On any given day any team can be "in the groove" JAPAN = A star team N Z = A team of stars Time will tell

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Samoa would have been more deserving of an All Black visit, but that's a topic for another day. ABs by 60. Rt. Hon Sir Richard McCaw to score 2 tries.

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