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Japan ecstatic at Olympic decision


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How stupid! Money that should go to fix Fukushima and crumbling infrastructure will now be wasted on a bunch of buildings that will be used once and then left to rot or cost a lot to maintain. Your tax money at work.

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congratulations to Japan ,love from Turkey<><esra<>

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@Ak: Turkey has been helping Syrian refugees so long. Humanitarian country on the earth, Hope it will get next Olympic. Maybe Istanbul, buy there are many many historic beautiful sites in Turkey, I doubt very much any Japanese city will compete like this one. I wish good luck to your country. Also, hoping other countries will help Turkey's effort to help refugees so that Turkey willl have best chance on next Olympic.

5 ( +7 / -2 )

Turkey disappointed their youth will not get the chance to stab any foriegners that look or talk to their women folk

-5 ( +2 / -7 )

HarryL Turkey: Instead of providing to preparation of Olympic, it had used a whole bunch of money to Syrian refugees. It is still doing. Hospital cares for people since August.

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While I'm happy for Tokyo as it is my favorite city for holidays, I sincerely hope Istanbul will host the 2024 or 2028 version. Keep your chins up, people of Turkey.

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Well, congratulations to Tokyo and Japan, and this means, of course, that the Japanese women's volleyball team will be so energized, they will not drop a set to any other team on their way to the gold medal.

3 ( +4 / -1 )

How stupid! Money that should go to fix Fukushima and crumbling infrastructure will now be wasted on a bunch of buildings that will be used once and then left to rot or cost a lot to maintain. Your tax money at work.

Why has this comment received so many thumbs down? It's absolutely true! Has the hype of winning the bid suddenly made everyone forget the reality in Tohoku?

-1 ( +4 / -5 )

The London Olympics united the people of Britain and lifted their spirits like never before and I hope the same will happen in Japan. Of course the realities of the northeast, Fukushima, debt etc exist but being negative does nothing to help...stop your continual moaning and get a life!

2 ( +5 / -3 )

Why? Because, there has to be budgets for all kinds of government expenditure (i.e. our taxes). Those who say all money should be used for Fukushima are rather naive. Governments around the world are supposed to allocate funds to many areas such as healthcare, defense, transportation, education, and in Japan's case Tohoku reconstruction etc. You can't suddenly shift all funds to one area. The main danger with Tokyo hosting the games in 2020 is that some may forget about the work that still needs to be done helping those in Tohoku. But remember, it's not just about giving people lots of cash, it's about physical rebuilding and also rebuilding their economy. Many people up there don't want cash handouts, they want jobs and meaning in their lives. Still, I think the Olympics will give Tokyo (and Japan) a big boost. Go Tokyo!

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Maybe now some of the decrepid broken down infrastructure will get the repairs and rebuilding it needs.

The Shuto can barely cope with the traffic volume and could do with sorting out, its been abyssmal for years trying to commute along that, and maybe even they could fix the congestion on the tomei around atsugi inter.

Dont foget folks the shinkansen has a direct link back to the 64 olympics and look what that did for Japan, its economy and its world standing.

Some things will benefit and some will not but over all its a huge boost for the economy and the Spirit of Japan.

3 ( +3 / -0 )

@m6non: 2022, 2024, .... is a long way. Turkey has many beautifuk historic sites so it has a good chance. Situation in each country does not stay same,

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Congrats again to Tokyo and Japan. If nothing else, this might finally be what the nation needs to sort things out in Tohoku. It's going to be amazing, without a doubt. I hope they work it out that there won't be too much debt after it's done.

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I made a mistake and I retract my comment above. It turns out that the city of Tokyo will pay for the Olympics, not the national government. So money for Fukushima will still go to Fukushima from the national government. Tokyo is rich.

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