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Japan eyes record medal haul in London


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Japan is dreaming of a record medal haul at the London Olympics.

However, the lofty expectation jars with a forecast by the Japanese Olympic Committee’s (JOC) own commission of technical development, which could name only six athletes as gold-medal favorites.

"Dreaming" is apparently the operative word here. Why do they do this every four years -- raise expectations to unrealistic levels? Maybe the 47% support for the Tokyo bid is due to just this -- folks are tired of Japan under-performing and don't see the 2020 games as a chance to shine, but more likely, fail. Japan, sponsors and media alike, position the Olympics too much as a chance to showcase Japan's "fighting spirit" and not enough just as what it is supposed to represent -- a chance for the world to gather and compete in a sense of true sportsmanship for the love of sport.

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I really feel sorry for the athletes representing Japan. To have these geezers sit there and pile pressure and more pressure on them when it is unnecessary in the first the place - just sad! Forget that, it is downright wrong! Especially when you see the group of "supporting staff" that accompanies them to London. No we have no money to support your training, but do your best! And meanwhile we'll fly business class and stay in ritzy hotels the whole time and "support" you with a passive/aggressive routine in front of the Japanese public. Really feel sorry for these young people.

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Wish them well but 18-20 gold medals does seem a bit optimistic

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If our athletes give all they have....

Do these special committees really think that athletes from other countries are not going to give all they have too? Sorry, but gambarimasu really can be translated into other languages. I really cannot see the point of this exercise.

A strong performance in London is seen as vital in raising public support for the 2020 bid, after tepid enthusiasm was cited as a reason when Tokyo lost out to Rio de Janeiro in bidding for the 2016 Games.

I don't think it's going to help them, because I think Tokyo is going to get the games anycase simply because Spain and Turkey just don't have the resources.

The only person I can think on the top of my head who has the best chance of getting gold is the gymnast, Kohei Uchimura. The others have competed several times before and are thus a lot lot older than before.

I've also noticed that in recent years, Korea has been doing a lot better.

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"Officials are targeting at least 15 golds, one off Japan’s best ever, but chef de mission Haruki Uemura says Japan can achieve..."

Here we go again. Ready the news conference for mid-August so they can make excuses why Japan barely got anything while SK got a bunch of golds. The pressure they put on these athletes is ridiculous, and I still can't understand this whole "we deserve so many golds" thing, as though they are entitled. Yes, the Japan women's soccer team has done very well for itself, but lest we forget, they just got trounced by the US, so I don't know why they are banking on them getting gold. I think Japan will do better than they did in Vancouver, when they also claimed they would get a massive gold medal haul, given that there's Judo and swimming, but still.

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“We must let the people see our fighting attitude after the unprecedented disaster,” said Uemura, head of the All-Japan Judo Federation. “We hope to bring courage to the disaster area by showing Japan’s underlying strength.”

Meaningless garbage. How will winning medals make the irradiated homeless people of Fukushima any better off?

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My city is a home for US Olympic Center filled with Olympic athlets ready to go. They seem to be more relaxed to be themselves. Sorry for Japanese athlets.Pressure is the last thing they need. They need your support instead.Gambare!

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Maybe you can run harder and jump higher when your radio active.

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Every Olympic games they put out the same lofty expectations only to be jarred awake by the stark realization (after the competition) that they are not a top-tier nation when it comes to most international sporting events.

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"We must let the people see our fighting attitude after the unprecedented disaster,”

So are you going to blame the athletes for the suffering of those in Tohoku if they don't do well? Utter rubbish. Nah, they'll probably find a way to use the disaster to blame for a poor performance. They need to stop using the disaster of last year as some sort of idea that they deserve to win as a result. Tell the athletes to do their best and hope they win, and that you support them -- not that they represent the pain and suffering of the north.

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A majority of the people in Tokyo are against holding the games. The bid should be abandoned and resources put to properly addressing the ongoing nuclear crisis and the shift to alternative and sustainable energy.

The support rate stood at 78% for Madrid, 73% for Istanbul and 47% for Tokyo. The IOC report said that Tokyo also has the highest ratio of those who had “no opinion” — at 30%. http://www.japantoday.com/category/politics/view/ishihara-disappointed-at-low-home-support-for-tokyo-olympic-bid

As for London, I wish the athletes well, whether they medal or not.

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Same broken record every two years (winter and summer).

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Why all the flak ??If you're going to set an Olympic bar why not set it high..this is quite an experienced,hardened team who aren't going to fall apart worrying about what the media are saying..If they get it good,if they don't they don't..

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For reference, here is the current record for Japan at the summer Olympics:

Gold - 16 (1964, 2004) Total - 37 (2004)

Sometimes, just saying gambarimasu suffices.

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I'm a bit fed up of this 'physical disadvantages' idea. The plucky Japanese underdogs fighting against the giant foreigners. Football is a ridiculous example - Messi and Maradona both under 170cm ( their low centres of gravity actually advantages - can be argued this applies to judo also ). Can't remember too many players from Japan, or any other country, rivalling their 'technique'.

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i have the japanese swimming team training in my local pool a few roads from my house in basildon and i wish them all the luck on getting medals.

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I'm a bit fed up of this 'physical disadvantages' idea.

Yep - it's a dead-set cop out and excuse for failure, and if I hear any of these old men in suits using this excuse again after the games like last time I will absolutely puke. I mean, many of Japan's golds come in weight regulated sports - Judo and Wrestling. The "physical disadvantages" cry is complete nonsense.

Good luck to the Japanese athletes - you have had among the best training facilities, support and funding in the world - no excuses to not nab a fistful of medals. Same goes for my joint, Australia and our whingy, whiny swimmers....

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