Former Japan int'l soccer player Masato Kudo dies at 32


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Sad news, 32 is way too young to die. I wonder why he was hospitalized and needed surgery? Disease, or haemorrhage from taking too many headers, who knows?

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He had

Hydrocephalus is a condition in which an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) occurs within the brain.

I wonder if it was congenital or acquired after infection, and if the brain surgery he had could not save him, or if it was complications due to the surgery itself.

The J news do not say much on that.

He was way too young.

Regarding his soccer career, I have never heard of him before and was also wondering if his performances decreased or if he had any physical issues to be in J3, as he had caps with the national team

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Awfully young age to go and from a relatively rare condition. Being a soccer player it is tempting to think this could be a product of a head injury related to heading, but there is no real relationship reported so it is more likely to be a result of tumors or an infection.

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Sad news, I pray for his family and friends. it appears that complications after surgery are common but manageable, what ever happened I am sure the hospital and his doctors all did their best to provide him with the best medical care available.

RIP Star.

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Tragic news. 32 is far too young.

Rest well, Masato.

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Very sad to die so young.

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According to Wikipedia, Hydrocephalus can occur secondary to TBI (traumatic brain injury) among other non-birth defect causes, and the literature contains many studies regarding Soccer and TBI, especially in young people. Given the power of 'sports' and notably Soccer in our world, it may be that the etiology of Mr. Kudo's demise would not be deemed a 'positive' detail to add to the story by the usual suspects among media editors.

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