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Japan fullback Goromaru out for season with shoulder injury


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Anyone see the tackle? I didn't watch this game but I do have some question marks over Goromaru's tackling technique for what I saw during the World Cup.

Hope he gets well soon though for the sake of all his Japanese fans and himself.

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Can he still eat chahan and drink chu-hai?

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If it was what I saw it was more of a shoulder charge than a tackle. As the other guy was diving to score he tried to push him over the side lin, to no avail

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career over, too bad. he was the best player Japan ever had.

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I saw the tackle, he was lucky not to get carded. It was a shoulder charge, no attempt to use his arms. Seems like a smart guy, can't imagine what he was thinking.

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He has always had crap tackling technique. He has been out of his depth in the Super Rugby comp. Good luck in France but he had trouble communicating in English, his wife is fluent in English, how will they go in France? Might be the last we really hear much about this fading star.

Fagui Curtain

career over, too bad. he was the best player Japan ever had. not even close to the mark. Try all the others that have actually had successful careers playing in Super Rugby and take your pick, they are all better than Goromaru but don't have the media fawning over them.

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career over, too bad. he was the best player Japan ever had.

12 weeks=career over?

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The most tackling he has done of late are cha-han and beer commercials. Needs to work on his basic skills and fitness.

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