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Japan ready for crunch rugby match with U.S.


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What time will the Japan-US match be broadcast in Japan?

0400h JST Monday.

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Go Blossoms!

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Toyota ought to offer the Samoans a car to every player..if they win.

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Hopefully the Samoans can do the business against Scotland and give Japan a path to the quarter finals.

Japan should account for USA easily enough, tough turn around for the Americans having had to play South Africa mid week.

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Go you Brave Blossoms! Sadly I can't see the ill-disciplined Samoans turning the Scots over, but stranger things have happened. If the Blossoms-USA game is a dead-rubber, expect to see all out entertaining rugby, tries-aplenty and neither team bothering with defence!

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What time will the Japan-US match be broadcast in Japan?

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Japan can hope....but it's likely Scotland will win

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Samoan teams of the past have threatened the All Blacks. It's going to take one of those performances to beat Scotland... but sadly I don't think this Samoan side has what it takes.

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@ Sensato

The Internet is a great tool for information.

Try google or yahoo

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