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Japan glimpses ray of hope in All Blacks defeat

By Shinichi Saoshiro

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They gave up 54 points against an uninspired "b team", I think they need to tighten up there defense more than anything. Size is an old age excuse the Japanese have used in many sports. It's technical skill and nous that need to be improved, so many basic fundamental mistakes in handling and positional play, starting the game at 15 yrs old is also pretty late compared to other countries. Maybe have more JHS clubs playing the game?

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Don't get too carried away.....The All Blacks were playing a game they 'knew' they were going to win. They won in a canter and if they had of put the foot flat to floor would have racked up at least another 30-40 points. Their focus is totally on the games ahead they have to play over in Europe. The game against Japan was in the eyes of the All Blacks....a training run for their fresh faces. But Japan can kid themselves into thinking the gap has closed between the two countries because of the scoreline. But at the same time keep your fingers crossed you don't meet them in a game with 'something' on the line because then you'll realise how distant that gap you think you have closed really is.

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Pretty poor game to watch. I think I enjoyed the earlier two games more from memory. This time the All Blacks scored some really soft tries, due to spilled ball from the Japan side or missed tackles. The All Blacks were pretty average too. But with Richie McCaw out of position, Dan Carter subbed after 50, it was probably always going to be the case.

At least they didn't concede any tries.

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A win against a Welsh 3rd string team, and a less than 50 points defeat to an All Black training run has really got the J-Media salivating. I admire the optimism, but fear the next reality sandwich for them.

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"For Japan, though, the 54-6 loss was far more significant, evidence that the wheels of progress..."

Ummm... how does that work again? especially given that it was not the All Blacks strongest players? I'm all for optimism, but am not much for denial.

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This was nothing but a training run and the all blacks held back. They were not going to risk anything with real games coming up in Europe. Put them together in a world cup and you will see a cricket score line again.

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Japan are definitely improving, they deserved a better result in the last WC , they should have beaten France.There game is much more structured than it was, certainly the scrum is vastly improved. the need to sustain pressure for longer periods with less errors. On attack use more options to break the strong defensive line. The All Blacks were scrappy but no excuses. Kelvin

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