Japan has six months to merge basketball domestic leagues: FIBA


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'adding that it will be a “very difficult task, but not impossible”.'

Yeah, except it's Japan, so yes, it's impossible. This is like the third ultimatum they've been given, and last I checked none of the real decision makers has been changed and the people with money who control the better funded league doesn't want to give up their private teams.

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"Japan has six months to merge basketball domestic leagues, and we really mean it this time."

"Of course if the bj-league and NBL do not meet this deadline we will continue to extend it."

"Just forget we spoke, OK?"

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Ah yes. The bj League. My American buddies used to get quite a chuckle out of that one.

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Yeah, first time I heard the term "bj league," I was expecting something with a LOT of pixelation.

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I think the "bj league" games should be shown on the "BS" channels. You really have to wonder why people don't research the meanings of such things.

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bj League has the right approach, building clubs with a connection to the community has a much better long-term growth prospect than tieing clubs to companies.

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