Japan, Iran win in World Cup qualifiers


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bluebris, I saw the whole game and I think Kagawa flopped a few times. I didn't see any of the other players dive.

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Good on Japan, although again... not like Oman is any big challenge. And I must give Honda credit where credit was due. I couldn't see the game as I was at a concert, but it sounds like he did pretty well.

As for Iran being a favourite to qualify... really? I know Japan is, but was unaware Iran was. Looking forward to the next round!

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The Oman goalkeeper was kept busy and did a good job.

Apart from a few small mistakes, Japan really hooked up last night! Well done lads!

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Well done, Japan - solid, workmanlike performance. As for Oman - looks like they didn't purchase the right Africans this time that could have done the job! Their keeper was best player on the pitch though, he is class.

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Japan looked very sound, I wouldn't go so far as to say Iran look like a qualification favourite they laboured to a win with the goal coming in the 94th.

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Japan played pretty well, but they spent so much time diving they ruined it for me. Also, a couple of bad studs-up challenges went unpunished by Japan.

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you really shouldn't want to participate in the world cup or similar sport events with highly competitive, aggressiveness inducing sports like soccer.

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@Bicultural Honda dived throughout the game. I love watching football when it's played properly, but diving is so common in so many countries now. Japan is just another infected by it, sadly. I pity referees these days when everybody is trying to cheat.

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Seriously? Do I get minus points because I don't like diving or because I mentioned that Japan did it? Either way it's pretty funny!

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