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Japan opens Asian Cup with 4-0 win over Palestine


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Does anyone know the make-up of the Palestinian team? How many are from Gaza and how many are from the West Bank?

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Hurrah. Mick, i think the defence is predominantly from the West Bank and the attack from Gaza.

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An interview I saw with the Palestinian captain said he is from Gaza but lives and trains in West Bank. He can't travel back to see his family with the rigid restictions in place. If this is the situation for all the players, then they are all current residents of the West Bank.

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Kaerimashita .... LOL LOL

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This is a better competition for Honda's bold predictions.

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I watched the first half while on the treadmill at the gym and until a little while after the second goal -- which was a complete no brainer -- the Palestinians were giving it a pretty good go. They didn't have anything but a couple of off the mark shots, but still. The first and third goal by Japan were pretty lousy -- if Honda had missed that gift of a shot then I would have laughed! The second goal was classic, although with the speed of the ball I think it was more of a fluke that Okazaki's head was in the right place at the right time. Didn't see the second half but was quite confident Japan wrapped this one up easily. Good on them, although I feel a little bad for the Palestinians. Hope they can improve from it.

Japan REALLY lucked out with the draw this time! Here's hoping the next game is a little bit more of a competition.

warispeace: "This is a better competition for Honda's bold predictions."

He's always an arrogant lout.

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It was a lucky penalty granted but Japan got the job done against obviously much weaker opposition. They will need to raise their game against Iraq I feel, but should still win. Hopefully the latter games of the tournament are more evenly matched than it's been in some of the matches so far.

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