Japan prepared to 'get ugly' against Australia in World Cup qualifier


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Don't make me laugh. To quote a former US President, "Bring it on!" Me and my westie mates will certainly be doing the same in the stands.

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I hope Australia gets Nasty.

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pull your head in champ! LOL

Naka means Japan will not be the same delicate team they were in 2006 and won't be outmuscled off the ball.That is the right attitude and should be a good tussle.I hope our Ausie fans don't act like yobs and actually clean the stadium this time,because they had to be reminded to do it at the ACL game I was at.(By me) :P

What are westies doing watching football these days timorboarder? haha The times they are-a-changing.

On this note,the Japanese will be looking to draw the fouls,so Grella and a few others had better watch their tempers this time as we don7t want to give away stupid penalties.

But yeah...bring it on,eh! Going to the 'do' at that sports bar in Shin Yokohama?

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Australia and Nasty would go well, if we were thinking of babes such as Kylie or I'd even take Elle Macpherson.

The only thing nasty about this game is the potential for boredom. A nil 0-0 or 1-1 stalemate?

I was hoping that koki Mizuno would be called, though unfortunately not. That Bhoy is amazing and looks good in the green and white hoops of celtic.

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The Sheilaroos will be jetlagged. Neil still flying in when the first practice session was held on Monday ? That is poor preparation and surprising for an Aussie sporting squad who are known for good preparation. I hope that Nakamura is playing psychological games. Japan will lose if they take the Sheilaroos on in an ugly battle. If Japan play a technical quick passing game then they will win.

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I hear they might not even use hair gel.

(Hey, does anyone know when the game's on?)

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The only ugly thing is going to be Okada's face after they lose again. Australia defeated Japan because japanese players got tired too soon and didn't know how handle the complete game and this hasn't changed much.

They don't know how to play tough, Hasebe always ends up making the most dumb and naive fouls. Nakamura is a good player but the media make him believe he is greater than he is otherwise he would be playing in a top team. And the "fantasista" Matsui may dribble the whole team but at the end he would miss the goal.

I think it's going to be a good game to watch though and the best result would be a draw to have both teams happy.

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I am going to pray to all the gods of Japan that Australia wins. The shear joy of rubbing the last world cup victory into the face of every single Japanese I met was ecstasy. The worst losers in history.

I was in Japan during the last world cup and the Japanese press went on and on for weeks before the game about how dirty the Australians are and how much they cheat and play rough.

Then, when we were playing them, a Japanese player ran over and knocked down our goalie deliberately so that they scored. Pathetic. Everyone in the whole world thought it was a foul, except every citizen in Japan. Bloody hypocritical cheats.

So, when we went on and thrashed them 3-1 they ate all their BS dirty words.

Did I ever hear a "good game"? Nuh. Sour grapes for 2.5 years. Hang up your boots and get out your hankies you cry babies. lol

Bring on the Green and Gold. Go for Gold my brothers. Trounce Japan. Give them the thrashing they deserve.

Give up Japan.

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space monkey, you wouldn't happen to be Australian would you..?

By the way, isn't Cahill also due to play for Samoa in their World Cup qualifier ? Seeing as he is from Samoa and all..

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Cahill is a Pom...born in the old dart.

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Cahill cannot play for Samoa, as Samoa does not participate in the qualifier. They do not have 11 people that play football.

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@ northlondon: space monkey is showing some footbalistic pride, and there is nothing wrong about that (and considering how nationalistic Japan gets when it's about sports...).

If Japan "gets dirty", they'll lose, plain and simple. The only thing that will be dirty is when the samurai blue will get spastic in the 18-yard.

I hope the Aussies win, to have (at least) some fun watching fujiTV on the 12th. Gambare Aussies!!!

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Ah,ha,ha,ha ! Cahill's first international was for the Samoan national youth team. For some reason dodgy FIFA did not ratify the game (even though it was an international). Cahill's first choice after that was to play for Ireland, but FIFA did not allow his change of nationality so he settled for the Sheilaroos a couple of years later.

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If Japan want to win games like thts, they need some better manager than this current geezer. Someone like Brookinbg who knows the ins and outs springs to mind like.

I don't think them Japanese players with their smallness compared to the Aussies can "get ugly" because they would lose like. If Japan wants to learn about quality football, i suggest they buy some West Ham videos and analyse them.

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space_monkey I think your attitude most definitely is the reason why nobody congratulated you.

I was at a public screening of the World Cup game, and it was just me and everyone else Japanese (obviously.) Despite the result, despite everything, even when I jumped up from my seat to celebrate Australia's goals, I wasn't spiteful or "in-your-face" about it. I just enjoyed the moment.

After the game, many people stopped to say congratulations to me on my team's performance, and shook my hand.

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Nessie: [I hear they might not even use hair gel.]

eheheh, that´s impossible. Good luck to both teams. Beer anyone?

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Teru Sensei,

I was never spiteful.

Personally I didn't even watch the game live and don't even like soccer. I just resented the fact that Australia was slagged off as rough players relentlessly for 2-3 weeks in the media and then their player shoulder charged our goalie!!!! Hypocrites. I wasn't congratulated cause I didn't watch it until much later. I asked many many people if they thought that their foul goal was legit and every single Japanese person defended it. Bloody disgrace.

I was just happy they ate their dirty words and I helped them eat it.

I couldn't care less about the world cup soccer, and neither could most of Australia for that matter. Being an Aussie I don't like bad sports and cheats.

There is nothing better than a good game of sport, of any variety, played in good spirit and for fun. I didn't feel leading up to and after the world cup that Japan did either of those.

Hence I hope they fail in their "revenge" in the world cup qualifier. I don't think they deserve to win, even if they are the better team after saying they are prepared to "get ugly", once again implying we don't play fair and that they will "lower" themselves to the "ugly" Aussie standards. Lame.

Why not say that they will do their best and enjoy the game and show a bit of respect to the people they are going to play. Don't you agree?

What was even more pathetic than their hypocritical cheating was that when they started losing their whole team appeared to totally give up. This is something Aussies would never do. Hence I truly believe they don't have the ticker.

Aussie nationalism of sport unites the 200 nationalities of people that make up Australia. The fact Cahill is from Samoa and plays for Australia is a beautiful thing. Something the Japanese will never understand. It just shows how much of good sports Australians actually are.

It's just a sport.

No need to "get ugly".

Chill bill.

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According to FIFA a player can change nationality if he played only for youth teams provided that he had both nationalities at that time. But as we know FIFA decisions most of the time are taken on a case by case basis. I don't know about Cahill but whatever happened before doesn't matter now.

The curious thing is that in Japan's case one of the best players, the best I would say in terms of pushing his teammates to go forward, used to be brazilian.

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If Japan can win, then good on them, but for god's sake, all I've been hearing all week are large numbers (3 digits), followed by 'cm'. Perhaps the Japanese media have never heard of the midget called Maradona. Stop making excuses in advance. Either get on with the game and stop all the whining and excuse-making, or stop competing. You don't get browny points for making excuses. If height is a factor, then get taller players. I've seen Japanese men on trains tall enough to put their chins on the overhead racks! I don't hear other Asians whining on about height.

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If Japan want to win games like thts, they need some better manager than this current geezer. Someone like Brookinbg who knows the ins and outs springs to mind like.

Alf, West Ham are a totally crap team and Brooking couldn't even keep them in the Prem that one year he tried. Agree that Japan need a new manager, but please save your fantasies for the bedroom.

I've always believed that it was downhill for Japan ever since the JFA appointed Zico. Osim could have installed the old school discipoline but his health was an issue. Okada is tactically naive and he may be a good local coach, but not one to take Japan back up the road to recovery. Australia's inclusion into the AFC, was a good decision and raises the standards of Asian football.

This game has the potential to be a very boring game, given Okada's tactical awareness or lack of and the more physical size of the australians.

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If I were Japan's coach, part of my "get ugly against Australia" strategy would be to tape match-sticks to our uniforms as a joke.

yeah. funny joke. luckily (sadly) you aren't Japan's coach and won't be pummeled senseless by the Australian team. that. would settle. that

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“Complacency and arrogance doesn’t come into the same sentence as us.”

Nor does decent grammar, it would seem.

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Gooooo NIPPON!!!!!!!! :P 4-0 Japan wins!!

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Australia 2-1 after a slow start. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

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One thing's for sure: If Japan loses, many of the posters up there will say it was because it was supposed to be and that Australia was the better team. If Japan wins, then everyone will cry foul and claim that Japan cheated, and blame it on foul play by Japanese players. How much is anyone willing to bet that this will happen?

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Uhmmmm space monkey, you seem to be getting a bit carried away with the Aussies would never cheat line. If Cahill scored a last minute winner from a clearly offside position do you think he would run to the ref and say, "Sorry cobber, I was fair dinkum offside and cannot allow you to give us that goal. It's just not the Aussie way"

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soccer is a big yawn fest! "Australia 2-1 after a slow start." the slow start is a given. watch for the J boys to flop at any chance like a bunch of girly Europeans, least Aussies follow the Chopper Reid line.

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If Japan wins... JT will update this thread tonight, NHK and other Tv channels will devote 60min, else "one line one min" news tomorrow morning.

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A tie game...

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Australia = 10 points Japan = 8 points.

Need I say more.


I never said Australia does or doesn't cheat, has or hasn't.

I said that Japan publicly and relentlessly criticized Australia for playing dirty and rough, then they played dirty and rough in order to score against us. They are "ugly" hypocrites.

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