Japan ready to take over Qatar World Cup, JFA chief says


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If Qatar loses the WC - and I hope they do because of the corruption - I'd like to see it held in Australia.

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Would love Japan to have the world cup. It should have been England 2018, Japan 2022. But Homophobic Money Bags Russia, and its henchman Captain Crude Oil, Qatar bought their way in.

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Daini also admitted he was shocked after a racist “Japanese only” banner targeting foreign fans was unfurled at Urawa Red Diamonds’ Saitama Stadium. “Japanese soccer and the J-League are known for being a safe environment with lots of women and children attending games, so this has created a dangerous image and lowered the prestige of the game in Japan.”

He appears to be more concerned about the games image rather than the racism that underlies such banners...

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'....450 migrants from India alone had died over the past two years—about 20 a month.'

Disgraceful. The decision to give Qatar the World Cup was impossibly stupid and reports like this give FIFA more and more reason to reverse that decision. Perhaps certain individuals have already spent all the contents of the brown envelopes they received.

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Here's the thing: the USA could take over hosting 2022 World Cup very quickly. Here's why: many of the fields at American football stadiums can be converted to FIFA-standard association football pitches. As such, that makes it possible to use National Football League stadiums to hold World Cup games, for example MetLife Stadium near New York City, Ford Field in Detroit, Rose Bowl near Los Angeles, and so on.

In short, wouldn't it be great to see World Cup matches at today's modern NFL stadiums, with the World Cup final held at either AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas or at MetLife Stadium?

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@magicmodelol - it certainly should not have been Japan in 2022. Japan co-hosted in 2002 and there is no shortage of countries willing and able to host (and with better records on human rights and corruption than Qatar and Russia).

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Simple criteria for a country which wants to host the World Cup should include: 1) A genuine love of the game. 2) Pitches, stadiums and a climate conducive to good football. 3) Safety for fans and players. 4) A party atmosphere where fans can go and enjoy themselves. Qatar clearly doesn't meet all of these criteria. I'm sure I'll offend a few Aussies and Americans by saying I disagree with the posters above by saying that I don't believe Australia and America are suitable hosts because the majority don't have a love of the game. I know the US did a decent job in 1994 but bowling is just as common on US sports channels as football as my old Scottish mate living in the US once moaned. Australia is a great sporting nation but can you argue Australia has a real love of football?

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Japan or USA please.

Father took me to Japan WC 2002, for a 12 year old, it was a unforgettable experience, the first time England supporters were treated with dignity and respect (gospel according to Dad)

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USA sucks, Qatar is going nowhere, Back on european soil is impossible, Japan is building up xenophobia, Australia have no opinion, China is too unsafe speaking of environment and health.

If all else fails, the 2022 World Cup has to be cancelled

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Not likely to happen. FIFA won't want to admit they were wrong so they'll move heaven and earth to make Qatar happen.

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Doubt it's going anywhere. There is too much secret money to be lost if the games pull out of Qutar. It would also bolster the argument that Fifa went to Qutar for money in the first place and Fifa doesn't want that embarrassment.

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"Japan is ready to hold the 2022 World Cup if FIFA strips Qatar of hosting rights over corruption allegations," claims the country where the mayor of its capital city only just recently resigned because of...ahem...corrupt campaigning allegations...

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It would be a great PR coup if Japan were called on to host the World Cup in an emergency.

The Japanese have the physical and human facilities already in place, and are polite, dependable and systematic so probability of successful games can be maximized.

Whether other candidate countries are better than Japan I'll leave to others to discuss. But if push comes to shove and Japan ends up with an emergency mission, I'm sure it will deliver.

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Three disgraceful World Cups in a row: amateur Brazilian organization, then troubled Russian politics and finally hot Qatar. What's next FIFA 2025 World Cup in North Korea? Joseph Blatter should be arrested for destroying the beautiful game. On topic, I wish Australia and USA could host 2018/2022.

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For emergency, the USA can smoothly host it. Large modern football stadiums (whether NFL or college) are hardly used in the summer. The host cities already have the infrastructure to handle mass movements of people. If many foreign supporters can't make last-ditch change of travel plans, the 300 million population with lots of ethnic immigrants of various nationalities can make up filling the stadiums. The relevant businesses could accommodate the change in plans.

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Nice try but Japan won't get it again so soon. How about China?

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Ummm... yeah.... match-fixing suspicions rampant, racism obvious, Japan doesn't deserve the Olympics, let alone the WC. Hopefully the FIFA heads will just chuckle and say, "Thank you, no."

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