Japan releases Olympic stadium guidelines, but no cost estimates

By Elaine Lies

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"We should make a structure that will emotionally move people all over the world" -Abe

I'd say they were already pretty successful with inflaming emotions with the original stadium.

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I'd say they were already pretty successful with inflaming emotions with the original stadium.

Not "all over the world", just Japan. If they dont finish in time it will be all over the world.

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@Yubaru -Well, I would say that Hadid and her whole firm were pretty emotional about scrapping her design, as well as the IOC and the Rugby World Cup.

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well, it is not a good start i hope that the end will not be the same.

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Its still 4 years from now. I've been in large projects and it can be done in 1 year. They just have to hire a large enterprise

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"Japan pinned blame for the ballooning price tag on the stadium design"

And who chose the design? Stop trying to fob off the blame and take it, for a change. Also, they're not giving us a price estimate because they know full well it'll be about the same as it was when they scrapped the original, and they don't want to tell us that until they've at least made enough arrangements that they won't be able to cancel when the backlash hits. I notice also that they have stuck with the second round of contests for designs and construction companies, which is solely for the purpose of the bribes it entails, too.

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I'm ok with no stadium at all if that is translated into more public facilities and parks. Athelets can run on a grass field.

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I understand that Japanese architect, Kengo Kuma, was among the critics of the original stadium design. It is kind of ironic as his design for a museum in the UK (in Dundee) is currently the subject of a report that says, "... the project's planners chose an ambitious and complex elite design by Kengo Kuma but planned to build it with an initially inadequate budget - the biggest single cause for the startling rise in cost is the original understatement of its original price tag."

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