Japan relies on meticulous system at World Cup


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They rely on meticulous planning and execution, but if that doesn't work they just try to win? Sounds like they are just playing the game and not relying on any particular system at all.

It's like saying, "I make it a rule to study hard for an hour every day before tests, without exception, and that's why I'm successful. But sometimes I don't study"

Japan is doing great because they are giving it their all and putting their hearts into it. And clearly their coach has been doing an amazing job, aside from the "In Beijing we finished fourth, and that was our intention" sour grapes-like remark.

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I think it might just be poorly worded. If the guy simply meant the goal was to make it to the final four then fine. If he said, "Let's finish fourth and forget about winning" it would be silly. :)

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Well the last paragraph seems to suggest he has fulfilled his aim of getting to the final and now doesn't really care if he wins it. Am also hoping the quotes are just really badly translated.

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Agreed, Soldave. I just wish these coaches would say things like, "Win or lose, we'll play our best, as we've been doing this far. And I'm proud of the players regardless" instead of things like, "It was our intention to be fourth" or, "Our goal was to make it to the finals" as though actually winning the entire thing is not part of the goal. It also sounds like a set up for if they lose, which I hope they do not. If they win will he claim the goal was only to make it to the finals?

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"It was our intention to be fourth"

Well, no one is saying things like that; only you. Don't try so hard to look into every coach's comments to find a way to twist it in a negative way. From the start of the tournament, the coach has been quite humble about the whole experience. He has always praised the play of his team and the team he plays before and after each match. In fact, on the three websites I have looked at ( official website, Yahoo Sports, and, he was quoted as saying that they "aimed to be World Cup champions", something that nearly every nation aimed to do.

"We aim to be the FIFA Women’s World Cup champions," Japan coach Norio Sasaki speaking prior to the 2010 AFC Women’s Asian Cup.

He's even profusely stated after every game about how proud he is about his players' efforts and heart, while stressing that a bigger challenge awaits in the next match; which has not been far from the truth.

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They are doing good technically and tactically. Good luck for the final! W Japan! Yeah!!!

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