Japan routs Afghanistan 6-0 in World Cup qualifier


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Job well done in difficult circumstances (heat and humidity, bad pitch, having to go to Iran). But I wish the TV commentators would not keep using the meaningless phrase 'kanzen awei' ('completely away', 完全アウェイ). Usually they use it to mean simply 'away', i.e. playing at the opponents' ground. Japan has never played an away game in the World Cup Finals for example, never having played the hosts, and so it would not be appropriate there. But it was particularly inappropriate for yesterday's game, which was played on neutral ground, and therefore was not an away game at all, never mind 'completely away'!

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Haraguchi looked boss last night (although no goals to show for it).

He is going to be a key figure going forward.

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Completely Away as in "at neither teams home field".

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Here we go

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Easiest group in the world, people. At least this time Japan finally proved it.

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Easiest group in the world

Of course. All of the powerhouses of each region have it easy. This is just the second round (first round for Japan) of qualifying. They've got a long way to go.

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