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Japan routs Tajikistan 8-0 in World Cup qualifier


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What's the point in running up the score like that?

It's the "toku-shittensa" or goal differential. If another team in the group has the same number of wins / draws, then the team with the better "goals for minus goals against" number advances. This system doesn't exist in some sports like basketball, but can be crucial in soccer.

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Congrats to Havenaar on his first goals as a member of the national team. Looks like a very promising player.

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As poor as Tajikistan were, Japan continue to be very impressive. The current lot must be the best Japan team of all time. Roll on the world Cup.

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Poor sportsmanship if you ask me.

Bicultural has already explained the goal difference rule. I'd just like to add that continuing to try even when you have a big lead is actually good sportsmanship as you are showing respect to your opposition. Bad sportsmanship would be just show-boating and trying tricks to embarrass them.

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It was an entertaining match to watch and it would have been great to be in the stadium to see it. I've got to admit I was a little surprised to see a 6ft 5 white guy running around the pitch, but now that I've done some wiki research on the guy, I really wish him well and hope he can establish himself as a permanent member. Apparently he has a younger brother who has the potential to join him in the team.

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Great performances from Japan and Australia, just like I like to see.

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Who was named MVP in last night's game?

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A no-brainer, really. Good on Japan.

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Some of those Tajikistan boys had never seen a soccer ball. But still, well done to the Kirin Samurai Blue©. At one point, I thought they were going to break Aussie's world record score of 31-0 against Samoa a decade back!

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yokomoc: "The current lot must be the best Japan team of all time. Roll on the world Cup."

Shhhh!!! I don't think the golden boy Honda has been playing, so you better keep that kind of talk quiet! I agree they don't need him and are doing extremely well without him, though (maybe even better than with him there). This is a good team, and I'm proud that Asia is becoming exponentially stronger in the world of soccer overall.

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yokomoc: "The current lot must be the best Japan team of all time. Roll on the world Cup." 5 days ago they were the worst team this country has produced...did you miss those misses ??

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slow night for Kawashima...its as if Japan didnt have a goalie...

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@smith, the mark of a good team is being able to leave top players out and play as well without them. The team have been excellent with or without Honda in the side. Zaccheroni just has them very well organised, they play a formation that doesn't lose many goals and they have great movement going forward that allows them to create chances. Honda gives the team a different option going forward with his more physical game and long shooting.

@calm down, who was saying that? Every team misses chances, it's when they stop creating them you should worry.

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I have a special place in my heart for the 2002 Blues. Nakata, Ono, Inamoto, Nakazawa.

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Isn't there such a thing as a mercy rule in soccer? What's the point in running up the score like that? Poor sportsmanship if you ask me.

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