Japan sets sights on World Cup quarterfinals


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The Quarters are absolutely possible for Japan, but it will mean beating either Italy, England or Uruguay in the round of 16 (providing they finish top 2 in their group), so it's no easy road.

I like that they have ambition - I think Asian sides should be backing themselves in on the biggest sporting stage in the world, but their 'expectations' also need to be tempered with a good dose of footballing circumspection.

I wish them well.

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Be ambitous and go for it Samurai Blue!

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Japan versus Costa Rica this June 2nd! it will be great to see them play against each might be the only chance, as they are is different groups for the Cup. I will cheer them both...but at the end my heart goes with COSTA RICA!

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Oh, sweet lord, here we go again! I really don't understand this sense of entitlement so many Japanese athletes and the media feel, only to have, EVERY time, the people responsible come up after the fact and apologize for such a poor performance (and explain why other nations did so well by comparison). Focus on getting out of the first round first, THEN focus on the semis when and if you get there. Japan has the potential, particularly this time around and if they don't put Honda in as a striker, but the arrogance of such announcements will see them lose in the first round if they are not careful.

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Japan has the potential, particularly this time around and if they don't put Honda in as a striker

Japan scored 4 goals in the last world cup. Honda scored 2 goals. Endo scored one on a free kick. Okazaki scored on an assist by Honda. These are the facts.

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kickboard: How many goals, total, has Honda scored since? Better yet, how many wild kicks has he done in his career? There's a reason his current team put him at the back and on the bench, and that reason should extend into the oncoming WC, but it won't. We'll hear "HONDA KEISUKE! HONDA KEISUKE BO-RU GA ARIMASU! SHOOTO!! arara... go-ru jyanakatta!" until the cows come home as they ignore the better players on the team. Honda IS good at passing and providing assists, I'll grant him that, when he's not busy trying to steal the limelight and kicking balls to fans in stands way off the goal post lines. Endo's not bad, and Okazaki has his moments. I think Kagawa is Japan's best bet.

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14 goals, in 30 appearances.

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Boys be ambitious ! Go Samurai Blue !

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14 goals, in 30 appearances.

Great conversion rate - 1 goal every 2 games is outstanding at international level.

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