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13-year-old Japan skateboard sensation cools Olympic talk after world title

By Alastair HIMMER

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Don't you have to at least be 15 to compete in the Olympics? If Okamoto is only 13 now, won't she be too young?

According to what I researched, there's no set minimum any longer, but it is set by each individual sports federation. So I assume that whoever is running skateboarding has a lower age than gymnastics, swimming, or other sports that do, I believe, use 15 or 16 as the guideline.


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Don't you have to at least be 15 to compete in the Olympics? If Okamoto is only 13 now, won't she be too young?

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Amazing skill and acrobatics! I doubt we could see any young people in the world more talented than Japanese kids on skateboards. It is almost a national sport now like Judo! Guaranteed Golds!

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I wondered why sky brown chose the UK but now I understand.

So many talented Japanese skateboarders

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Ah, this explains why all my bids for tickets to the skateboarding events at the olympics fell through. Figured its a minor sport, should only be a few skater diehards wanting to watch it; but no, its gonna be full of people who have no idea what an ollie is, but are desperate to hear kimigayo being sung on the podium.

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There were four Japanese in the top 10, including a one-two.

I don't recall this strength in depth of the Japanese skateboarders being mentioned at all a couple of months ago when we were told Sky Brown had chosen to represent the UK, not Japan. It was presented as a positive choice in keeping with the Youtuber/reality tv persona she has.

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In British news they were talking only about half british Sky Brown

So it's not just Japan who loves to talk about successful halfu!

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