Japan speculates over identity of final Olympic torchbearer

By Kiyoshi Takenaka

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They'll probably choose the pen-pineapple-pineapple-pen idiot.

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Surely it’ll be the Chosen One/King of Israel?

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100% it won't be Ohtani when the Olympics are right smack in the middle of the MLB baseball players and MLB players don't play in the Summer Olympics. Ichiro is a safer bet unless he has a job in the MLB next year.

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As long as it wont be Abe or Aso. Or Mori even, for the love of god.

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I'd be astounded if the committee of oyajis charged with making this decision selects a famous young person (under 40!), or a famous female.

In the tradition of largely avoiding making decisions in an attempt to not offend those not chosen, I'd imagine they'd select a non-human such as Mario, or a non-famous person such as a teenage boy and girl from Fukushima.

How about having the recently retired Emperor pass the torch to a young teenage boy and girl from Fukushima who then go on to light the Olympic flame?

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Why don't they just do what they did at London 2012 and get a load of young athletes to light the cauldron. The Games are supposed to be about legacy and youth anyway.

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Surprise! It's Mario

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let,s hope they can make a good choice in which (most) people can agree.

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let,s hope they can make a good choice in which (most) people can agree with.

but at the end of the day, that,s not the most important thing.

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How about having the recently retired Emperor pass the torch to a young teenage boy and girl from Fukushima who then go on to light the Olympic flame?

@Hollis - What would be the message there - "the tens of billions we could have spent on disaster relief and recovery efforts for Fukushima, we've spent on these games so hope you boys and girls enjoy?"

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Seriously though, London 2012 nailed the lighting of the Olympic flame when they had 7 great Olympians each hand a torch to a local youngster - literally and metaphorically passing the torch to the next generation.

I like HollisBrown's idea of the old Emperor passing the torch to some youngsters - but can see why that would probably never happen. It could be a hugely significant moment if the current Emperor passed the torch to some youngsters - the leader of the Reiwa era giving opportunities and responsibilities to the younger generation.

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possibly Ikee Rikako because of the story of her success followed by her sudden health problem.

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Come on, it has to be Ichiro. He is the most well respected Japanese athlete.

Yuzuru Hanyu, a heartthrob for the Japanese, who became the first man in more than 50 years to win back-to-back figure skating gold medals, also figures in the discussion. He hails from Sendai, a northern city hit by the 2011 tsunami.

A winter olympian lighting the torch for the summer olympics would be too weird.

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I bet Keisuke Honda begs to be the one.

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Laughed out loud, thank you! I really needed a good laugh tonight!

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There are so many options, it is going to be a big headache for the Government to choose! Kitajima Kosuke. Murofushi. Ichiro. Naomi-chan. Yuzuru-chan. Mao-chan. Nishikori Kei. Yoshida Saori. Ai-chan. Takahashi Naomi.

There are literally too many choices of champion athletes. Perhaps, they can all do it simultaneously.

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Come on, cobber-chan. That’s unreasonable.

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Naomi Osaka!

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@Black Sabbath

Naomi Osaka!

Naomi Osaka may not remain a Japanese citizen by next year, under Japan's citizenship law that bans dual citizenship and forces individuals to choose.

If forced to choose between US and Japan, Naomi will choose the US.

This is the country that Naomi grew up and calls home. Japan is merely an ancestral homeland to Naomi, like how Germany is an ancestral homeland of Donald Trump.

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How about Shonen Knife?

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