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Japan speed queen guns for Formula One


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'Move over, Lewis Hamilton?' Please give it a rest. She isn't even close to becoming an F1 driver much less winning an F1 race or even one championship. Good luck to her, as I don't have anything against her racing against the boys but she has a long way to go to reach Hamilton's level.

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Good for her ! saw and met Keiko Ihara at Donnington UK...

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Yes very good "bluenote." How big and strong you are. Would love to see you tell that to her face!

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His nick-name was "Crash Kobayashi".

No, he was called that by Jenson "drama queen" Button who got all upset because he didn't win a race

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Women can tolerate higher G-forces than men, that means they can make tighter turns around corners and accelerate quicker on straight sections.

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bluenote1: There is no "Women's F1 racing" or "Men's F1 Racing". Therefore, everyone should at least be given a chance to race among professionals. As a "realist" wouldn't you agree that equality of the sexes doesn't mean you give a free handout to any one regardless of sex, but that you give everyone the opportunity to prove themselves regardless of sex?

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Damn, I mistook the title for racequeen and left disappointed.


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Japan has produced average F1 drivers at best, most have had the seats bought for them instead of actual raw talent. I doubt this girl will make it to that level. you need huge skill, I dont give a F attitude and get a car that is actually competitive. so unless Honda can make it back to the top of F1 again I dont see that happening.

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Japan has produced nine Formula One drivers to date, the most successful Kamui Kobayashi, who raced for Toyota, Sauber and Caterham from 2009-14

His nick-name was "Crash Kobayashi".

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As a high-school-aged minor, she has a long way to go to join the F-1 club. I hope she gets there in one piece.

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Sorry, not impressed. There's always, somewhere, a girl/woman who thinks she can handles an F1 car and beat the big boys. It;s this Feminism rubbish which helps females to believe that anything a man can do, a woman can. If this girl really tries to beat all the guys she will either be humiliated or will kill herself. I know this comment is not "politically correct". Neither am I. I am a realist., not a puppet.

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If she can't make it to F1 pretty sure she could still become one of those hot grid girls. #justsayin

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'silenced her critics by securing a full-time drive for the new Formula Four season, which kicks off its Japan Championship series in Okayama this weekend'

Good, someone to watch for, the Japanese drivers aren't up there.

Wishing you well for the coming season Miki Koyama.

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Damn, I mistook the title for racequeen and left disappointed.

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