Japan Sumo Association to allow fans for July tournament


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You sure about that? Overweight people are more vulnerable to the virus, and sumo wrestlers all live in the same dorm.

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And they don’t seem to be wearing all!

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Greed an unwillingness to change adapt its doomed. Hell a man having a heart attack in the ring the first responders were women and they yelled at them, its 2020. Get over it and adapt or beat me to death with a bear bottle.

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The tournaments should be cancelled until the virus is under control. Or, at the very minimum, run the basho behind closed doors. Sumo could use a year off to get itself in order anyway.

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Even the 2500 limitation will be removed by August as per government timeline.

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Great idea considering a bunch of people just got infected at a theatre, what could possibly go wrong!?

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How about holding the basho outdoors, as in days of yore?

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