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Japan targets early World Cup qualification for Brazil


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I hope Holger gives every one of those young guys a run. Australia needs to blood more youth.

Japan will win and qualify first, as they should. They are the best team in Asia by a country mile at the moment.

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Young Red Star Belgrade goalkeeper Eli Babali

I didn't know Eli Babalj (correct spelling) had become a goalkeeper. He was in such good form in front of goal for Melbourne Heart last season. That's an interesting career move. Maybe Japan Today can provide the training for him. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/babalj-out-to-impress/story-e6frfg8x-1226515458828

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Good luck to the lads! They face a tough group of know-nothings in Asia, and OF COURSE they pass quickly as a result. Imagine how much worse of a slaughter it would be if teams like Brazil were playing in the Asia group! I am very pleased Japan will get through, though... it would be no fun without them.

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Well done to the Kirin Blue Samurai© boys - last gasp winner from the great Okazaki. I'm very happy Oman were defeated - in my opinion, they should not be allowed to compete against the likes of Japan and Australia. I noted that there were no female fans in the stadium - with the exception of the few Japanese females who were no doubt grudgingly allowed in as part of the tour group. I'd imagine the sponsors product will be flowing freely in first class tonight back to Tokyo among the Samurai lads! Well done to the young Socceroo kids beating South Korea 2-1 also.

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didn't know Eli Babalj (correct spelling) had become a goalkeeper.

Spat beer onto the monitor when I read that - very funny!

Japans win over Oman is great for Australia and lets hope Jordan V Oman play out a scoreless draw.

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