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Japan test player Goromaru dumped from Queensland's 23-man squad


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Back to the minors, kid, and beer and cha-han commercials. You can still make enough and keep selling out here.

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It's a different standard down there. He probably hit his peak in the World Cup. Good on him for having a crack, but you also cannot help but think some clubs, thinking soccer here, sometimes take in Japanese (though they do pull their weight now), Korean and Chinese players merely to boost membership and merchandising sales.

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I played rugby for over 10 years - with one of those years being university-level here in Japan. I can honestly say that rugby is on an entirely different level in Aus, and even moreso when compared with NZ (I also have family there). It really is that hardcore. Broken bones, bleeding, fights - you name it.

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Nice he got a chance but he has been singularly unimpressive all season.

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In those 163 minutes, at least he should have learned how not to play.....

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In life you can't always get what you want so Goromaru has to learn to appreciate what he has. He will have to taste the bitter before appreciating the sweet. I guess he was suppose to be the face of the future. I wonder what will happen to him. Will he ever click with the team?

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Come to Christchurch in New Zealand. We will look after you my friend. We have a number of clubs that will support you. Tell the aussies to SOD OFF LOL

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There's a bit of a history now of indigenous Japanese players going down under and not really making an impact. Shota Horie started a few games for the Rebels a few years back, and Fumiaki Tanaka is pretty much a permanent fixture on the Highlanders bench, but that is about as good as it has been.

NZ club rugby though seems to be full of Japanese players at the moment though. Good experience for them, and a lucky few might be able to break into a provincial side like Kaito Shigeno did for Auckland last year.

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Too many fried rice and beer commercials. Jones was right

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Biggest problem is Goro was shipped off with little thought to his strengths and weaknesses. Not sure what his agent / manager was thinking sending a guy that never went out of his way to communicate with foreign players to a foreign country. From the get go he couldn't communicate with his teammates. He has lost confidence and position. He should have been encouraged to stay put and make a real contribution to Japanese rugby besides selling mascots and other trivial goods. Hopefully he gets back up here soon and gets some wind in his sails. June internationals might be a good reset.

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ZENJI. I'm Australian and I completely agree with your comment and sentiment!

Go to NZ mate... They'll take care of you! They have a way of developing talent that Australia doesn't

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He isn't good enough for New Zealand. He should have went 10 years ago. Now he is too old, too slow and can't speak English. :-(

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