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Japan thrashes Malaysia 4-0 in Olympic soccer qualifier


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Given the terrible civil war wracking their country, I'm actually cheering for underdog Syria. Just having defeated the leading Asian soccer powerhouse should give Syria consideration for a special entry to the London Olympics. A Syria victory could be the feel good Nadeshiko-esque soccer story of 2012.

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I'm with Mr. Smithin. "Thrash" is a bit strong for the supposed difference in ranking. Malaysia didn't give up, I'll say that. Doesn't Japan's fate really hinge on Syria's next match?

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smith, I don't think there was any doubt that they would win the game. However, they were second in their group and only the top team advances. They were tied with Syria in terms of wins and goal differential, but Syria was on top based on number of goals scored. The "pressure" on Japan was to win AND score as many goals as possible, which they did. Considering the next game versus Bahrain is at home, they should be able to advance.

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wingeinJapan: The pressure on Japan was massive. Clearly you haven't been following U23 football.

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Figured they'd win by a decent point margin, and it wasn't THAT bad of a slaughter given the difference in ranking between the two teams. So Malaysia must have put up at least SOME fight in defending, or else the Samurai Blue as usual was having no trouble handling the ball but just couldn't get it in the net.

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There is no FIFA ranking for U23 teams ... You know. They had a lot of pressure because it was a crucial game away, they did their job, congrats to them. Asking for more is not knowing a whole lot about football.

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To sat there was no pressure on a side that was fighting for an Olympic birth ?And you want to accuse others of invalid comments...

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we lost it to Japan. But hey Japan played in World Cup, our team still so insignificant compared to Japan

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ops my bad, it's not the U23 which in the World Cup. But still

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Missed it. Did Genki cap off the day by chasing any teammates around the pitch after getting koncho'd?

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Way to go. Although they must have been having so many pressures they could beat Malaysia with a brilliant score as all Japanese hoped.

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Shox0511: "Way to go. Although they must have been having so many pressures they could beat Malaysia with a brilliant score as all Japanese hoped."

What pressures? A team ranked 19 in the world by FIFA vs. Malaysia?? Was it that they were under pressure to live up to an unhyped reputation? If not I can't see any validation in your comment... unless you are saying Japan is not that good at all and so faced serious pressure.

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