Japan to honor women's World Cup-winning soccer squad


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It never ends. It's a game. They won. Get on with your lives.

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A market research firm has estimated the economic spin-off effects of the World Cup victory at more than one trillion yen, including sales of uniforms, accessories, books and other related goods.

if such a petty events were to boost the economy by one trillion Yen, Japan could not have fallen into deep recession, never ever.

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How does this projected economic spin-off of one trillion yen compare with the economic impact of the 1999 World Cup win by the US women's soccer team? Are they comparable or are we talking apples v.s. oranges? Regardless, what a boost for women's professional sports world-wide!

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I still cant believe that the US team was beaten by Japan. American players seemed to be much stronger than Japanese. They look like tough soldiers shooting ball more times. Maybe a big pressure might have got them down.

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Wow I can't believe how bitter and nasty people are on this site.

Its a positive story with no negative aspect, no need to be tough and mean just for the sake of it.

All the girls deserve their award as they have brought a lot of happiness and joy to a lot of people at a time when people can use a little inspiration.

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Agree with yer man Tel. Great achievement, and a great idea. I particularly like this for the fact that it is a WOMEN'S team in Japan receiving all the accolades and fuss. Good on ya, Nadeshiko!

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The world cup..the WORLD cup..a petty event ?? Man oh man..that person really needs a hug and a cheerio.

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"I still cant believe that the US team was beaten by Japan"

Whilst the US are a great team, they just couldn't defend. If you look back to the group stages England beat Japan comfortably through having a good defensive setup - only to get knocked out later by France on penalties. Japan has the never say die attitude which means they were always generating chances.

Best team on the day won.

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It's a more than deserved Award. They became World Champions, defeating super powerhouses like Germany and USA, and also Sweden, another among the favourites. And their win brought inspiration, hope and cheer for Japan, which has been through a very hard ordeal due to the March earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear disaster. This Nadeshiko Japan made history for the country and for Asia. Viva Nadeshiko Japan!!

Greetings from a brazilian Montreal, Canada

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good news. hopefully their feet are still on the ground and not to get carried away with popularity.

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Huge underdogs win at the highest level of their sport a few months after their country endured a terribly tragic natural disaster. A great story and an inspiring victory any way you look at it. Too bad my team lost but the way the Japanese team won - at that moment in time - was a tremendous thing to see.

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