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Japan to host MLB season opener next year


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By the time next season's opener rolls around, U.S. Major League Baseball are hoping that Ippei will have been long forgotten...wait a moment: Ippei who?

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I went to the March 21 2019 MLB opener at Tokyo Dome between the Seattle Mariners / Oakland A's. I Have always wanted to watch a MLB ball game but I refuse to travel to a place where you have sleep with AR 15 just to feel safe. So I was quite excited that the MLB decided to play the opener at Tokyo Dome. I am keen Japanese baseball follower and been to many of Japan baseball games. I have to say I was disappointed with the opener, the only highlight was that it was Ichiro last outing in the MLB and the mid game entertainment. I left that game with the thinking that any Japanese team would beat both these MLB team and found that the Japan league is a superior league. So if it not a LA Dodgers game I doubt if will be a sale out.

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Should be held at the new Escon Field if the Dodgers are for sure playing. Would be nice to also have another Darvish vs Ohtani moment in Hokkaido where they used to play. Perhaps the MLB wants to mix it up a bit so I understand them wanting the Cubs over Padres this time around, especially since Suzuki is on there.

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The Dodgers and MLB should lighten up a bit on curry favoring Japan. Getting a bit annoying.

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Sounds like a good idea. Mexico would also be a good choice.

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