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Japan to play S Africa for Olympic hockey berth


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Seriously if the Japanese took this game seriously they would be podium prospects every WC and Olympics. Keeping the ball on the ground gives them a ton of chances to compete with other traditionally "bigger" nationalities. Go guys. Your team monicker should be "the red ballers"

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Ummm.... isn't this about hockey, spudman? Japan, or SA for that matter, have never been serious hockey powers, and likely won't be in the future, but I'm quite happy they have the chance -- for the first time in 44 years, I believe. I hope they make it!

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This article is about FIELD hockey. The Japanese women's team has always been quite good, and they are ranked 9th in the world. The men are 15th. It's been a hot topic in the sports news for the past week.

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Silver in the Olympics back in the dark old days. I was talking about the future.

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Well I suppose the softball players are not traveling to London, so the media have to fill in the gaps. Tough women running around in short skirts, playing an aggressive game, I cannot see why field hockey is not a bigger sport in Japan?

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